Sunday, April 24, 2011

Clockwork Prince teaser for May

Earlier today Cassie released her May teaser for Clockwork Prince.  Apparently she won't be around next month, but I'm suspecting she just wanted to give us a little Easter treat.

The door to the training room opened. Tessa and Sophie turned as Gabriel Lightwood strode into the room, followed by a boy she had not met. Where Gabriel was slender and darker-haired, the other boy was muscular, with thick, sandy-blond hair. They were both dressed in gear, with expensive-looking dark gloves studded with metal across the knuckles. Each wore silver bands around each wrist — knife sheaths, Tessa knew — and had the same elaborate, pale white pattern of runes woven into the sleeves of their gear. It was clear not just from the similarity of their clothes but the shape of their faces and the pale, luminous green of their eyes that they were related, so Tessa was not in the least surprised when Gabriel said, in his abrupt manner: 

“Well, we’re here as we said we would be. James, I assume you remember my brother, Gideon. Miss Gray, Miss Collins —”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance,” Gideon muttered, meeting neither of their gazes with his. Bad moods seemed to run in the family, Tessa thought, remembering that Will had said that next to his brother, Gabriel seemed a sweetheart.


  1. Thanks for the teaser. I was sad to hear that the release date has been pushed back to Dec. I hope they change it back!

  2. I know hey? Apparently Cassie had an accident that set her back about three weeks. So they lost their printing time slot and had to take the next available. So I think we're stuck with December!