Friday, April 15, 2011

feline fridays

A short time ago I got a fun update from Michelle Lovric about the Doge's cat in Italy.  Remember her fascinating historical feline friday go European back in December?  Well she has fresh news!  Read on for more info on one of the most fascinating feline Fridays I've hosted to-date.

Dear Rhiannon

I thought you might like an update … the latest news on Doge Morosini’s Mummified Cat in Venice

I visited it again today (and its companions, the basilisk made of a parrot covered with sharkskin and a mermaid made of a monkey shoved into a headless fish). Anyway the curators have discovered some new facts about the cat. They believe it was a marmalade. The reason is that the Doge had a red beard, and so he was very fond of what Italians call ‘red’ cats. The mummified cat has no visible colour or fur, of course. It’s a uniform beige. As is the large rat between its paws.

Do you think you might start Chicken Chewsdays? (I wasn't planning on it, but it does sound good!) There’s a wonderful skeleton in the museum of a four-legged chicken, who was the pet of the curator in the 1890s. He found it at Treviso market. He wrote a paper about it, explaining that it walked gracefully, though it never ran, and it didn’t sing either. One morning he found it drowned in its drinking water. Very sad.

Michelle Lovric is the author of two fantastic children's novels, The Undrowned Child and it's sequel The Morning Emporium (Two of my favourite Children's books ever).  She's a talented writer based part time in London, England, and part time in Venice, Italy.  Make sure to check out her comprehensive website as well as her posts on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure.

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  1. I'll hop on over to the feline friday go European. Found your lovely blog today.