Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my Super Star Hubby!

Two years ago the hubby and I had a teeny tiny, house party wedding and made our long relationship official. 

Now I don't talk about myself too much on the blog, but the hubby and I are a bit arty-farty.  We met young, got career type jobs, made some good money and promptly got bored.  So we made some non-traditional career changes and both made concerted efforts to delve into the fields we were passionate about.  Of course passion rarely pays very well, so eventually we both started dabbling in relatively boring things on the side to pay the bills.  Our bohemian ways have not made us rich, but they've made us very, very happy.

So keeping with our odd little eccentricities, I've taken the day off so that we can celebrate lazy Sunday style.  We'll sleep in, go for a divine late brunch at our favorite Toronto brunch place, Mitzi's, and then slouch around the house with the fuzzy kids, taking it easy.  Which is pretty much the most blissful way I can think of spending a Tuesday.

In the meantime, I thought I'd celebrate in an equally odd style on the blog, by listing all the crazy celebrity marriages we've now topped with our meager 2nd anniversary.  That's right.  Weird, but funny, like when we were engaged and I referred to my now hubby as my Beyonce instead of my fiance.  I told you we were a bit odd.

So with out further ado, the ridiculous short marriage countdown:

11. Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie.  They exchanged blood but it only got them to the two year mark before splitting up.  Maybe they should have gone with rings afterall.

10. Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett.  Remember how weird that was??!! Well they technically got divorced at just under the two year mark, but rumor has it they really parted ways 7 days in.

9.Renee Zelleweger and Kenny Chesney.  They met at a telethon, but apparently shot gun marriages don't have long expiry dates.  They split 7 months in.

8.  Drew Barrymore and Tom Green. This one was only ever beat out in the weirdness category by Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts.  They lasted only 6 months.

7. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush.  5 months.  Apparently fake TV show romances do not spell real life romance.

6. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock.  Split at 4 months.  Yeah, I know! I thought it was shorter too!  But I double checked it and they really did hold out an entire 4 months!

5. Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd.  Back up dancers don't make lasting relationships apparently, they tied with Pam Anderson and Kid Rock at 4 months.

4. Nicky Hilton and Todd Meister.  Remember when Nicky was the sane Hilton?  I think that ended about the same time as her 3 month marriage.

3.Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley.  It's sad when a marriage is counted down in days.  Isn't the technical term for that a fling?  They made it 107 days.  Apparently his obsession with her dad (shared with her other crazy hubby Michael Jackson) didn't make for the optimal marriage conditions.

2. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman. 9 days.  Seriously. That's vacation time length.

1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander.  The winner is...55 hours! Trust Britney to beat out a list of some of Hollywood's craziest folks.  In elementary school I was more committed to the 72 hour famine then she was to her marriage.  I mean honestly, at 10 I didn't eat for 72 hours!  Maybe she should have tried that first?

So apparently, the hubby and I are non-traditional, but in the successful way. Yay us!
Happy Tuesday April 19th!


  1. Happy anniversary!! What a beautiful picture. I love your dress!!!

  2. Thank you ladies!
    Jinky- My dress was so much fun to design and sew. I have all these pictures of my cats helping as i laid out all the ruffles, and snoozing on the skirt as I sewed them in place. Hahahaha.