Saturday, April 9, 2011

Link Salad Saturday!

Another week and another bundle of news to catch up on.  No worries though, I've gathered it all together in a deliciously wholesome link salad for you.  Now eat up and enjoy!

-The BEA and BBC in New York are quickly approaching and things are starting to pop up.
There is a small list of authors for the autographing, basically just a teaser with some really great names on it.  I'm most excited about Eoin Colfer so far (Rick Riordan would be right up there but I met him last spring, though that certainly won't stop me from popping in! Theoretically, at this rate I could get all of his Kane Chronicles signed.)

-A pretty comprehensive list of exhibitors is up now too!  Time to start planning all the fun you're going to have, if you're coming.

-Most exciting of all I've run across the first bloggers attempting meet ups!  To me this is one of the biggest perks of the two cons so I made sure to sign up pronto.  Once Upon a Twilight and the girls over at Good Choice Reading are hosting a blogger dinner, open to all and their peripherals and including some authors at a truly experience looking restaurant called Mars 2112.  Should make it fun even for the hubby! Can't wait ladies, thanks for organizing.  Make sure to head over and RSVP.

-Because lately it seems no week is complete with out some cover art or other book announcement, Hellebent's cover art!! Cherie Priests follow up to the very fun (what you haven't read it???! Check out my review and hurry out to buy a copy!) Bloodshot, out July.

-In more exciting book news, Carrie Ryan's short story about Tabitha as a teen, Hare moon, has been re-edited and released on it's own as an ebook.  The most exciting part though?  You can buy it in an ebook elcheapo format.  That's right, 1.99$ at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles!  It'll be a great hold over until I get my hands on the anthology it was originally published in. I can't wait to read more about Tabitha.

-This week everyone was a buzz about the casting of Gale and Peeta.  As predicted they equal part loved and hated choices two and three for the cast of the Hunger Games Movies.  The good news? Especially if you aren't thrilled by the casting to date, Suzanne Collins has been part of the auditions and loves all the choices so far, saying they all hit emotional moments perfectly in her eyes.  Want to read more? Wellllll, The New York Times has published a rare interview with her.  It's pretty interesting so make sure to stop by and read up.

- Finally Inkpop has their latest writing challenge up, based on Kim Harrison's third (and latest) Madison Avery book.  Something Deadly This Way Comes.  You have till April 14th to:
Now it's your turn, write a poem, short story or personal essay about betrayal. What if a person you thought you could trust betrayed you to the core? What did they do? How does it feel and what are consequences? 
Happy Linking!

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