Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Link Salad- Because the weekend is the best time to catch up on all the latest news!

Super big week in linkable tidbits! So curl up with a coffee or a glass of wine and catch up on all the news.

-Kelley Armstrongs latest YA book, the follow up to the Darkest Powers series, The Gathering (Darkness Rising part 1) releases tuesday with Red Glove  and City of Fallen Angels.  In anticipation of it's debut the first 90 pages have been released online.  So if you weren't sure if it was making the shopping list for tuesday head on over and give it a try.  For the rest of us it'll just have to tide us over the three remaining days

- If you absolutely can't wait for The Gathering, and you live in Toronto, head on up to Yorkdale mall tomorrow where Indigo is pre-releasing it for Kelley to sign starting at 2pm sharp.

-Speaking of Red Glove, Holly Black has jokingly changed the title to book 3 in the Curse Workers series.  Instead of Black Heart, it's changed to Green Money.  Her April fools gave me pause, I have to admit.  The Cover picture is especially funny, you should check it out on her blog.

-In Anticipation of Lauren Kate's June 14th release of Passion, the third part in the Fallen series, Random House is starting to release a variety of teasers and behind the scenes type stuff.  Keep your eye on Lauren Kate's site for news.  Meanwhile they've sent a bunch of bloggers a excerpt from Daniel's Journal, I got a look at it over on  You can also vote on where Lauren tours in the US, check her site for details.

-At long long last, the final book in the Inheritance Cycle series has been announced with cover art.  It's aptly named Inheritance, and is due out November 8th.  For all of us who thought book 3 Brisinger was to be the last and were completely flummoxed when we realized it obviously wasn't, this is some stellar news.  Christopher Paolini began the series when he was 15 and the first three books were impressive, hopefully he has an appropriately epic end to round it all off with!

- Cherie Priests next Clockwork Century book, Ganymede, has just had a release of it's official cover art as well as the Jacket flap didi.  Check it out on Cherie's site, it sounds awesome as per all her Clockwork Century books.  I can hardly wait!

-In the uber cool things done with books department, Ryan Novellin- self proclaimed "Boston-based alchemist who spends his free time in search of the extraordinary" has created an evening gown out of Little Golden books.  Being a designer myself, and one who prefers the realm of costume design to every day design, I was thrilled to find not only a very descriptive photo diary of it's creation, but a site filled with awesome stuff.  Check out his details of the project on his online portfolio site.

-In Celebration of an all new absurd number of twitter followers (as if we didn't know this lady was crazy popular?!)  Cassandra Clare has released a great new tidbit.  The Seelie Court scene from Jace's point of view!  It's fun in that Midnight Sun kind of way, so don't let it slip by without checking it out.

- The next Kane Chronicles book, The Throne of Fire, by Rick Riordan has chapter one online right now.  So as you wait for May 3rd to roll around get a head start!

- And finally, Lenore of Presenting Lenore has an amazing opportunity for one blogger who'd love to go to the BBC and BEA this year but who just can't afford it.  She's offering a scholarship worth 620$!  That's right, she paying for your BEA/BBC pass and giving 500$ for expenses.  Head on over to her blog if your interested and check out the details.  I'm personally dying to meet all the bloggers who are coming so make sure to drop me a line if your planning to come or if you win Lenore's scholarship.

Happy Weekend perusing!


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