Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday link salad

Well it's the weekend after Easter, the weekend before Mothers day and of course, Royal Wedding Weekend, and like usual there has been no shortage of news!  So grab a coffee and join me in a recap.

First off, the funnies- Libba Bray interviews herself for Amazon's blog Omnivoracious.  It's all about her soon to be released Beauty Queens and it's funny in that signature Libba Bray way. Sigh oh sigh, why won't she be at the BEA or any of the other events that week??!

Libba has also posted one of her rare LJ posts.  She's writing the Diviners now, and it looks like her unhappy writing place has snuck up on her (did you ever see her posts of no hope over the span of writing Beauty Queens?).  Anywho, even when bummed Libba is funny, and its always fun to follow her through the writing of another book.

The Hunger Games movie has cast several more characters, most notably Effie.  If you watch 30 Rock then you know Elizabeth Banks can do crazy and good looking well, and I think she's the first casting choice I've been immediately on board with. Check out Hollywood Crush for the roundup

Speaking of Movie/book news, the internet was ablaze the other day over the release of The Deathly Hollows part 2 trailer.  It's too fantastic to miss out on, so make sure you're not the only kid on the block who hasn't seen it.

Concurrent with the BEA, New York Book Week has been announced.  Oodles of activities at various NYC public libraries, Barnes and Nobles and Symphony Space, Book Week appears to have something
for everyone.

Speaking of the BEA, I spent a good two hours the other night perusing the 750+ authors they have listed as being there, as well as the books being promoted.  There's lots to be excited about!

Rick Riordan announced this week that he and James Patterson are doing a live event on May 25th in New York, with all proceeds going to First Book.  He's promising an inside look at his work, and the talk will be moderated by Al Roker.

In case you missed it, the furry kids and I did a Royal Wedding tribute yesterday you don't want to miss.  Seriously, Cheddar looks so regal you're always going to think of him as a Prince from here on out.  Also I've posted my latest contest for a copy of The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group, make sure to enter!

Finally, this weeks Inkpop writing challenge.  Based on Tara Hudson's book Hereafter, the challenge asks you to:

HEREAFTER looks at how characters must reach across a great divide to communicate with one another. Now it's your turn. Write a story, poem or essay the discusses overcoming great barriers to reach someone. It could be a communication block or trying to overcome social boundaries in order to allow others to understand you. 
Two writing winners will be selected by the author, Tara Hudson, to receive a free copy of HEREAFTER as well as three books of their choice from HarperTeen

Happy Saturday!

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