Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twice a Spy, Keith Thomson- Review

I wasn't sure Keith Thomson could wow me as much as he did in his debut Once a Spy, but he me managed to pull out all the stops and impressed me thoroughly with this follow up, Twice a Spy.

Picking up shortly after Once a Spy, we find Charlie and Drummond in Geneva this time   They've successfully evaded all the various agencies after them, and set Drummond up in the Alzheimer's program they were aiming for.  Alice is part of the mix now and the three of them have settled into a comfortable, if cautious, European lifestyle.  Alas, this is a thriller, so you know it can't last.

Delving even deeper into the CIA, and general espionage world than before, Keith Thompson takes you through the convoluted system and intricacies like a practiced pro.  He does it so well, I'm starting to wonder if his being a journalist for The Huffington Post isn't some elaborate cover for his own intelligence background.  Either way, thank god for it because it's this edge that makes the two books both different and appealing from your run of the mill mystery or thriller.

What Dan Brown did for scholarly thrillers, Keith Thomson does for the espionage thriller, putting it into layman's terms, making it exciting and fast paced but not condescending.  You walk away excited, energized and having learned a little something on the side, but all through what would likely be termed a "light read".  Although filled with material, that in someone else's writing style, might be hard slogging, these books are completely accessible and fun to boot, so next time you're looking for some escapism make sure to pick them up.

Twice a Spy, by Keith Thomson
Published by Doubleday, March 2011
Check out Keith Thomson's website
Check out my review of Once a Spy
Buy Twice a Spy on Amazon


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