Friday, May 27, 2011

Binky the Space Cat- Feline Fridays

There are a whole swath of things I generally talk about here on Feline Fridays.  My cats (often including various outrageous photos), rescue groups around the world, fun stories, books about cats, and my personal favourite- famous people you would never have thought of as "the crazy cat .lady" but who totally were.

After only a year of doing them, I am still amazed to find new and fantastic cat things to talk about.  Though I'm sure all my good friends who think of me as only one divorce shy of the crazy cat lady, don't doubt I can find an endless array of things to talk about on the subject of cats.  Anywho, it was one of the great pleasures of my BEA experience to meet Ashley Spires and to be introduced to the greatness that is Binky the Space Cat.

How, oh how had I not heard of this fiendish devil before?

Now as an artist myself, the first thing I thought about Binky was, wow, beautiful art.  Which was as foremost in importance in a picture book for me when I was 7 as it is now. Great art equals great book (even if the story sort of sucks) because you can just loose yourself in looking at it.  But my second thought about Binky was how funny the actual story was.  To be frank, now that I've read it I'm pretty sure all the noise my one cat Baxter makes in the litter pan might actually be him attempting to build a spaceship, after all, he certainly isn't covering anything up in there.

By the time Ashley mentioned that one of the later characters is actually a foster cat, I was head over heels in love.   This series has the looks, the brains and the soul.  How often do you get that?!

To be honest, I can't wait to lug all my BEA books home and then rush out to my nearest book store and buy the whole Binky series (Binky under Pressure comes out in September!), even though I've sworn not to buy a book for at least a month.  Even more exciting is the prospect of sharing them with my two nephews who I can guarantee will love them.

And just because it's too crazy a coincidence to not mention, can you even believe that Author/Illustrator Ashley Spires lives not only in Saskatoon (not her native province even!) but in one of the neighbourhoods I lived in for years??!  The crazy line of coincidences that led me and her to the same table of Speed dating with Authors astounds me.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Binky the Space Cat or Binky to the Rescue by Ashley Spires and published by Kids Can Press either directly from Kids Can Press or on Amazon.  But if you're a Binky fan make sure you enter my Splash into Summer, wish you were here at the BEA contest for a chance at your very own life sized Binky display.