Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day two of BEA day three of NYC!

The craziness has officially hit epic proportions! Not only was today the biggest book "drop" day but it was also another scorcher.  How can it get more exhausting you ask? Well, I've had some severe insomnia issues for the past week and a half or so, culminating in a mere 4hrs (if I'm being generous really) of broken sleep last night.  Seriously.  I was so desperate at one point that I started counting sheep.  I got up to 500 before I gave up.  Needless to say I was walking around in a slight daze by about 2.  The lovely Steph of Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust suggested Benadryl! What a genius.  After supper I picked some up and tonight will be the official recoup sleep.  I must, must tell her how much I love her on Friday!

All the same, the day was FANTASTIC!  There were so so many amazing books and authors (Eoin Colfer was so adorable I wanted to fold him up and take him with all the books), and the hubby kept running into amazing surprises (unlisted or unannounced signings and "drops" -brief book releases at the publishers booths).  Nothing will perk a sleepy girl up faster then strolling up to her in a boring long line and presenting her with a signed copy of Passion (Lauren Kate was only supposed to be signing chapter samplers so I quickly forgot she was even going to be there in all the other excitement), "I'm pretty sure you're reading this right?".  Have I mentioned how much I love him?

We are officially at 64 books, a scary- how are we going to pack this- amount.  So thank goodness tomorrow is pretty quiet!  And I was being really picky about what I took, unbelievable hey?

The super duper exciting thing for Thursday? The Libba Bray signing at the Scholastic book Store in the evening.

I have some super stuff to add to the giveaway as well so keep tuned late tomorrow for details of the additions.


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  2. WOW so wish i could be there. CAn't believe you got a signed 'Passion' really want to read that, and 64 books? wow. How are you ever going to get that many home? good luck. :D

  3. Wow-- 64 books!!! That's more than I buy in a year. :) You're so lucky to have met Eoin Colfer-- and Libba Bray tonight! They're two of my favorite authors. Have fun! :)

  4. It was GREAT meeting you at BBC during lunch! Also, thank you for your nice comment you left a few days ago about the passing of my cat, Baby. Always nice to meet a fellow book/cat lover.

  5. Ladies- how I wish you could have been there, it's epic and wonderful. Booklovers paradise as it were. Save your pennies starting now for next year, you'll thank me for it!

    Barmybex- I was wondering the same thing, turns out you have to marry a good packer and then no amount of books is too daunting!

    Kat- me too! Generally speaking at least. They're my two fav's too, which is why it was so amazing. I'll tell you now they both are as great in person as they are in writting.

    Steph- you too! Lets share books and kitty stories from now on!