Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Die For Me, by Amy Plum- Review

Paris, oh Paris, let me count the ways I love you.

I won't lie, the number one reason I wanted to dig into this book was because it was set in Paris.  After years of dreaming of it, I finally visited gay Paris two years ago, and instead of satiating my long held longing for this city it totally increased it.  And although I have lovely little plans to visit Venice next, I can't help but pine for my next Paris sojourn.

After a car accident makes her an orphan, Kate and her sister move to Paris to be with their grandparents and try to rebuild their lives.  But it turns out Paris's rich history has more to it then Kate has bargained for, and so does the boy who catches Kate's eye. Can a girl who's been devastated by death spend her life loving a boy who Die's for a living?

An epic paranormal love story, in the Twilight vein, Amy Plum's first novel was a little more formulaic then I expected.  Obviously it's a formula that works (I mean seriously, who hasn't heard of Twilight?), but I was a little disappointed it didn't break the mould a little.

Despite a heavy dose of slightly overkill love story (I had to keep reminding myself she was only supposed to be 16), I did actually enjoy this new form of paranormal love interest.  Revenants, though similar to Stephanie Meyer's vampires (some unusual powers, always attractive, in an epic battle with baddies of the same ilk), have an unique mission.  They live to save others, by dying in their place and then reanimating three days later.  It's an interesting premise with a lot of potential, so I'm hoping Amy will write more of these books just so I can get more of their history.

Obviously I was enthralled by all the Paris background, and I'm not sure if it would work the same way for someone who hasn't been before, but all she had to do was mention the cafes and I was immediately transported.  Because Paris is so rich in history, I also found I bought the revenants way easier then Stephanie Meyers back woods Washington state Vampires.  It just seems a likelier place somehow, I suppose because the city is almost a character in and of itself.

I think my biggest issue was I didn't one hundred percent love Kate.  She was fine, but there was something slightly off about her.  Again, I have to say her Twilight similarities were glaring (didn't think of herself as pretty, had a profound sadness as well as being considered an old soul), but somehow she seemed to have a little less spunk.  I'm not sure her character was fleshed out enough, for my tastes, before she fell head over heels for Vincent.

Overall it was an intriguing story, with a fair amount of promise in the sequel department.  The romance was a little too Twilight and not enough it's own thing, but I still cruised through Die for Me in just a couple of days.  So obviously most of it's plot was working well enough to keep me involved.  I have my fingers crossed Amy Plum will expand on this story, and now that she has her sea legs as a writer, make more of her own mark with a book 2.

Die for Me, by Amy Plum
Published by HarperTeen, May 2011
Copy generously provided by HarperTeen and Inkpop
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  1. Hmmm, interesting. I'm trying to figure out if I really want to read this or not.

  2. I know, I was pretty stoked and then slightly deflated by it. I'd reccomend borrowing it before buying it.