Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mermaid's Cove Music Hop - Random Magic Blog Tour

 Ahoy, me darlin', ye've found a jolly round of songs for swashbucklers.  Music is a strong theme in Random Magic -- so strong, in fact, that one of the celestial characters Winnie and Henry meet is Efterpe, the Muse of music.  So, for the love of music (and pirates), here’s a fun music hop to check out, featuring all kinds of delicious tunes piratical.

Start anywhere you like -- for each blog stop, you’ll be able to enjoy a merry tune, then just sail off to the next port for another round. Hoist the mizzen and away we go!

 You are here: #7 of 11: Diary of a Bookworm

Pirate – Jen CassListen to this song: Pirate 

Came out of dusk
With a swashbuckler’s grin
A taste of the ocean’s original sin
Followed the sextants to uncharted land
Set out to conquer
What you never could understand
You wondered what you would find
Safe in my dangerous mind
Treasure and pieces of eight
You saw the warnings too late…
It’s five in the morning
Sailors take warning
Rough waters ahead
Still you stand by the bow
With a bottle to break

Random Magic quote of the piratey persuasion:

She held the map up to the porthole, against the moonlight. An entirely different map sprung to life.‘Wow.’‘Okay,’ Winnie said, tracing a path along the surface, ‘here's where we are, and here's where we need to get to.’
Henry studied the map. ‘The quickest way looks like -- through here,’he said, pointing.
‘No way. Not for a cartful of gold.’

Set sail for a new port - check out music stop #8 of 11: Take me there

 The Mermaid’s Cove Music Hop is part of Random Magic Tour: Pirates!
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 (If you enjoy a particular music pick, please consider buying the track to help support the person or group who created it for everyone’s enjoyment. (The Red Queen  is the unofficial soundtrack for Random Magic Tour: Pirates! Happy listening!)
For the impatient, here are all the blogs on the hop:
Willowdust Reviews - Tina’s Book Reviews
Diary of a Bookworm- You are here! 

BONUS: Win some marrrrrrvelous plunder! Feast yer deadlights on some great tour goodies, and if you like, join the hunt!(Through May 30):
Reader note: Do you have a favorite pirate tune? Feel free to sharesome of your top tunes in the comments, maybe everyone will find a great new song to check out. If you're playing Rum + Plunder, your comment could count towards winning one of your fave prizes, too! How to play


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