Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday link salad- the end of week news catch up.

Another week has flown by, jam packed with news and announcements!  So kick your feet up, grab a snack and catch up.

The Children's Choice Awards happened in NYC this week, Rick Riordan was one of the winners and wrote a lovely post about the fun had.  He met Cassandra Clare and Holly Black for the first time, and caught up with Suzanne Collins.

Speaking of Cassandra Clare, she's posted the post card short story she gave out on tour.  It's pretty amusing, I have to say.   I especially like Simon's part.

Laini Taylor's last book, Lips Touch, has come out in Audio book format.  To celebrate she's giving away a couple of copies, with bonus entries for libraries.  Just leave a comment on her post.  She also has some amusing contributions to Libba Bray's post last week about the always difficult process of writing a book.  For those of you who stopped by last Saturday I mentioned her incredibly amusing post then, for the rest of you, make sure to check it out, as usual it's hysterical.

Speaking of Libba Bray, I was thrilled this week when I discovered she is indeed going to pop up during the BEA week!!  She was one of the people I most wanted to see that week, and since Beauty Queens releases Monday the 23rd I thought she would surely be somewhere.  She's going to be at the Scholastic Book store on Broadway, signing on the Thursday evening with Maggie Stiefvater.

There have been more casting announcements this week for The Hunger Games movie, some more district tributes and another major player has been announced.   As always the fan site The Hob is the place to catch up if you're not already in the know, and even if you are.

For those of you in Ontario not heading out to the BEA this year,  Indigo/Chapters has announced three author signings you don't want to miss! Meg Abbot is stopping by the Queensway Chapters to promote her newest book Abandon, Thursday May 27th at 7pm.  And then on Tuesday May 17th you can head on over to Yorkdale mall's Indigo and say hi to both Lauren Oliver and Veronica Roth (Hot new Divergent author), also at 7pm! Check out Indigo's event listings for other signings or more specifics.

Finally Inkpop's latest writing challenge is up, and it based on the old school Princess Diaries, which I have yet to read but sound really fun.
Write a story or poem that imagines a royal coupling, marriage or honeymoon. How did your characters find each other and come together? What compelled them to get married? What hardships do they face before, during and after the nuptials. 
So if you didn't get enough royal weddings last weekend, now its your chance to spoil yourself and create a little more!

Alrighty, that about does it, there was a post by Emma Michael's I wanted to highlight but her blog has been removed all of a sudden, weird right? So I'm signing off and heading outside to catch some sunshine (there's not been a lot of it recently in TO).  Have a great Saturday, and hope it's lovely wherever you are!

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