Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Link Salad

I bring to you, this weeks word on the street!

- Cassandra Clare celebrated a ridiculously large number of twitter followers by releasing a new scene for City of Ashes.  It was awesome fun, especially since it was Alec and Magnus for a change.

When I hit 30,000 followers on Twitter, I promised a Magnus/Alec scene to my followers — a "maybe this happened" outtake from CoA in which we see their first kiss. It's now up on my website. I called it "Kissed" (a 30 hour plane ride and ensuing jetlag will do that) and I hope you get a kick out of it. It's strictly PG-13 but it is two guys kissing so if that is not your thing, this is not the thing for you.

This scene was fun because it felt like something that really had been pulled from CoA.

- Speaking of Cassie, apparently Simon and Schuster are revealing the Clockwork Prince cover at 9am on May 25th at their booth at the BEA.  For those of you who won't be there, Mundie Mom's will have the online debut the same day at 10am!

- Speaking of the BEA, more event's have been announced for New York Book Week, and it's starting to look like a book crazed week for anyone in the NYC area.  Part of the new additions was the announcement for the Teen Author Carnival, which has a huge list that is apparently still growing.

- Finally, the latest Inkpop challenge has been posted.  Revolving around Heidi Ayarbe's latest book Compulsion they're asking you to:
 So what does it take to write from the opposite perspective? Take a chance and find out. 

Write a story, poem or essay that explores looking at the world through a perspective other than your own. Like Heidi you can write from the POV of the opposite gender or you can look at the world as an animal would see it. The possibilities are endless. 
Deadline is the 19th at midnight.

Happy news hunting! 


  1. Awesome bunch of links. Thanks a lot for the one to Cassie Clare's story-- I never would've found it otherwise!

  2. Thanks for the links! Want to try to make the Teen Author Carnival this year, as I heard it's a great time. Have a great weekend!

    Alexia's Books and Such...