Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two days, 34 books, and some insane temperatures later- BEA update!

Well I've seen Julianne Moore, Kathy Lee Gifford, Mike Holmes and a whole slew of awesome authors (Laini Taylor!!!! Really!!!! And she's as wonderful as I had hoped! We talked about Clementine and her elephants, sigh, how fantastic!).
I've discovered a whole bunch of great sounding new books and debut authors I can't wait to read (11th Plague, Aliens on Vacation, and of course Binky the Space Cat which I can't imagine why I haven't found before!).
 Oh and did I mention the beautiful Random House tea? No? Well I'm probably suffering heat stroke (83 degrees today!).
It's been a fantastic day and a half, and tomorrow is the BIG day (more then half the stuff I'm excited about drops tomorrow, oh how I wish I could split into 5 people!).  So I'm off to plan my attack and see how much I can wedge into one day.  I promise pictures and full posts soon, meanwhile stop by in just a few hours for my big giveaway!!
Wish you were here!


  1. J'ai lu votre record, je vais essayer d'en faire autant

  2. Sounds awesome... I'll be there today and I still need to plan out what I'm going to try to fit in at the expo. Maybe I'll see you at the BBC!