Monday, June 6, 2011

Angel Burn, by L.A. Weatherly- Review

With a stunning cover, a brand spanking re-branding for American audiences (including title) and an interesting premise, Angel Burn shot straight to the top of my reading list upon arrival.

Willow is the odd girl out, she has an unusual family situation, loves tinkering with cars and to top it off, is psychic.   After doing a psychic reading for a girl at school, Willow is alarmed to discover not only is there such a thing as Angels, but there's such a thing as evil Angels.   Before she knows it, this discovery has her on the run with a bonafide Angel assassin, not to mention uncovering an unbelievable secret about her own background.  

I really loved the premise behind this story.  The idea that Angels aren't all they've been trumped up to be over the past few millennia, and in fact many of our health problems stem from them directly, was a really fun twist on the traditional angel mythology.  I also really enjoyed Alex's background as an AK- Angel Killer.

Which brings me to my next great love of this story.  Alex.  What a fantastic character!  One part super assassin and one part teenager without a childhood he had great potential.  I wasn't the slightest bit surprised when I read L.A. Weatherly say he'd been floating around in her head for almost twenty years.  His and Willows mad dash across the country was much more believable with his list of talents.

However, and I have to say this, the love story plunked in the middle was hugely cheese ball.  I know, I know, there's gonna be girls swooning over it from Manitoba to the Philippines, but it really made me gag.  Not only did I not buy into the switch from resentful road companions to hard core sappy love story but the endless cheesy rehash of how they really were hot for each other while they weren't getting along to begin with made me want to stop reading.
And then maybe bleach my eyeballs a little.
It was painful how over the top it was, for the first time ever I felt like the line was being seriously blurred between my mom's bodice rippers and the YA I was reading, and I was embarrassed by it.

But I did love the actual story (when it wasn't on hiatus for romance pandering), enough so that I will actually pick up part two whenever it makes its way to the American publishing market (book two is called Angel Fire in the UK and is set to release there in October of this year).  I have faith in L.A. Weatherly, she has a strong story with a cool concept, and hopefully she's gotten the cheese out of her system and these books can become the action packed race against religious ardour they have so much promise to be.

This book was sent to me by the fine folks of Candlewick Press.
Angel Burn (Angel in the UK), by L. A. Weatherly
Published by Candlewick, May 2011
L.A. Weatherly's website
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  1. Wow your blog is amazing. I´m kinda wierd at school because I read 24/7. Have you read the book Halo by Alexandra Adornetto?If not, I recommend you to read it because it also contains angels and it´s a very pretty story. I also have another question: all the book reviews are from books you already read,right?Please answer sometime or at least check my comment.
    Love;Another bookworm

  2. I've heard of Halo but haven't read it yet, I'm not sure if it's my thing, possibly to lovey dovey? Anyhow i'll keep your recommendation in mind.
    I have read all the books I review.
    I was reading all the time in school too, eventually people think it's cool so don't worry about it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yes! Couldn't put it down. Action packed and fast moving. An half Angel could be the key to saving the human race. A love story. Can a boy love what he has spent his whole life trying to kill? Alex and Willow are on the run for there lives. The angles want her dead and their human followers are everywhere. Loved it!

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