Thursday, June 30, 2011


Something super exciting just popped through the mail slot.  Well actually it came knocking on the door because it was too fat.  

It's like an early Birthday Present, since it's not out until July 12th.  I feel like I should walk up and down the streets holding it Vanna White style letting people touch it reverently.

Look pretty maps!

There are 959 pages pre-appendix's etc.  So here you go those who doubted it was real until they saw it with their own eyes!  Look at all those pages!

I finally sat down to book one last night, thank you Canada Post strike!  I finally have a small lull in review books so I can eat up George R.R. Martin's huge books packed with type!  See there is always a silver lining.  I still can't believe I never stumbled upon this series earlier, but can't wait to waste away my summer Game of Thrones style.


  1. ooo! that IS exciting!! Some people wondered if it would EVER be released! I used to read a lot of fantasy and am slowly getting drawn back into it. GAME OF THRONES is on my reading list now! Enjoy your treat!

  2. I'm still amazed myself that I never read this series, being as big a fantasy fan as I am. I read A Game of Thrones right along with the HBO series (the book first, then watched episodes) and the book is now in my top ten favorites of all time. I'm not continuing with the series yet because I always take breaks in between. But this time it has been hard to resist continuing on. (I reviewed the book and series on my blog last week)

    I hope you enjoy the first book as much as I did! Happy Reading!

  3. Oh... my jealousy knows NO BOUNDS. July 12th will be a banner day in my apartment, full of popcorn, ice cream, endless cups of tea, and that book you hold in your lucky hands.