Friday, June 24, 2011

Feline Fridays- the lounge about report

Well we're all taking it easy today, it's on and off pouring rain and then insane humidity.  I'm planning a big Annex Cat Rescue event for next sunday's Pride Parade (you'll be able to find our table at 97 Maitland st., in front of Distinct Hair Design), the hubby is reading and the kitties are alternating naps and cuddles.

A few weeks ago my mom shipped a variety of furniture bits and bobs to me.  After 11 years of living in the big TO, it was deemed time for me to take on the various things I wanted to keep but couldn't bring back on the plane.

All of it did not make the first trip, as the moving company "misplaced" some of it.  So it all sits in my studio waiting for the missing bits so it can all move into it's permanent positions around the house.
This is Kitty heaven of course.

Deliah has been sleeping on the bench to an antique vanity my mom bought and refinished for me as a gift years ago.  Apparently it is the preferred nap place for princess's, despite it's missing mirror.

Thurman is in love with Deliah, (who pretends to hate him when everyone is looking but really gets all mushy for him in private) and wants to be as close as possible.  So he's taken up sleeping in the kitty stroller.

Don't be fooled by Thurman's apparent love of the Kitty Stroller.  Try to actually roll him out of the house in it and he won't look nearly so relaxed.  Now in my defence (I know you're looking at the kitty stroller and thinking- wow, crazy lady), the kitty stroller was bought for ease of taking said furry children to the vets- which is about a 15 minute walk away from the house.  But I would be a liar if I told you I didn't try to take them out for the occasional stroll.  Unfortunately, to-date, Topaz has been the only connoisseur of stroller strolls, everybody else just freaks out.  
Not to mention we get lots of dirty looks from new parents with strollers of their own (parents with older children love us, because their kids are completely enamoured by the whimsy, go figure!).  I'm sure we've either equalled or surpassed the fame of the lady who took late night strolls with her kitty on a leash in the neighbourhood. 
Happy Friday!


  1. I love those kitty strollers! A girl came into the store I used to work at with a pink one, housing the tiniest little black kitten. He was absolutely adorable.

  2. I love the kitty stroller! I would love to see that, and late night kitty strolling, around. Must keep an eye out for something equally hilarious!

  3. Actually - in Vermont I once saw a ferret on a leash. That also amused me to no end.

  4. Ha-ha. Good one! A Kitty-Stroller. I love it. I'm sure my cat would go WILD if I tried it.

  5. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the kitty stroller. However, I'm sure my cats would see it differently! There is a lady in my neighborhood who walks her two poodles in a stroller and it is so cute. I do think I could get my maltipoo to go for that.

  6. Bekka- it does come in pink, thank god that's not the one I got, the hubby would have been mortified!
    Amy- Oh it's very amusing, I would like to do it but there is NO WAY my cats would actually venture forth from our yard willingly.
    Kim- I live across the street from a 400 acre park, and let me tell you, its teeming with dogs in strollers!

  7. Cute! Maybe my cat would love to have this kitty-stroller.