Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday link Salad

It's been an almost supernaturally quiet week, so quiet in fact, that I worry somehow I just missed it all.  Either that or every single YA and Children's book blogger, author, critic, Librarian or reader has just been to consumed by the Wall Street Journal article to talk about anything else.

-Everyone has heard the legions of opinions for and against this article but I thought Laini Taylor's post the other day summed it up nicely.  Make sure to check out the links she highlights as well to get the full flavour of this ongoing debate.

-My only other piece of news *gasp* is that Lesley Livingston and Penguin Canada are having a Once Every Never launch party!  If you're going to be in TO on June 21st then make sure to RSVP.  I'm going, so hopefully I'll see you there.

Happy Saturday!

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