Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aliens On Vacation (The Intergalatic Bed & Breakfast), by Clete Barrett Smith- Review

Way back when during the BEA, you know back when I read stuff other than The Game of Thrones series, I had the pleasure to meet Clete Barrett Smith and hear a bit about his debut Aliens on Vacation.  Clete was incredibly charming and his story sounded fun in a mad-cap way so although it was the first day and I already had a list twelve feet long of things not to miss, I made sure to make his signing and grab myself a copy.

Aliens on Vacation follows the adventures of Scrub, sent for a summer to stay with a grandma he's never met at her quaint little themed Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast.  At the tender age of 12 Scrub is not terribly thrilled about his upcoming exile, and an alien themed B & B is definitely not going to help him get on the basketball team in the fall.  But alas, if only everything at his Grandma's was as simple as helping Trekkie tourists!  Turns out Grandmas little B & B is for actual vacationing aliens.  Soon Scrub is  knee deep in helping the place keep up with the summer rush while trying to keep the locals from being too curious about some of the strange folks rambling about town.

I adored that Scrub wasn't an angsty teen.  There were no long drawn out chapters about how hard done by he was, and although it may be true to age for him to be endlessly difficult about his summer relocation, it was much more fun to read a story about a kid who just rolls with the punches.  I also thought it was charming how quickly he becomes all protective of the aliens and his grandma, everything about this boy made me want to read more.

The actual story was funny and absurd in the kind of way I can easily picture kids loving, but the best part was how much I loved it.  It held that same whimsical feeling Rick Riordan always captures so well so it's hardly surprising they snared the same publishers.

A quick read, with cute chapter heading art, a fun premise and lovable characters, I can't wait for Aliens on a Rampage coming Spring 2012

Aliens on Vacation, by Clete Barrett Smith
Published by Disney Hyperion, May 2011
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