Sunday, July 3, 2011

The caffeine purge and What Kate wore binge

In a bid to get healthier, I've started the great act of decaffeinating my extremely caffeinated body.  This has seemed such a herculean task that for years I've planned to start it, only to chicken out and rush out to the nearest coffee or tea serving establishment (usually with a headache).  I'm half dutch, meaning I was fed milked down tea in my bottle, so caffeine isn't so much a crutch as it is a part of my genetic makeup these days.  And it was with a sad heart that I went into David's Tea yesterday and asked for some non-caffeinated suggestions.

One of the things I came home with was the dark and hearty Decaffeinator, which I was instructed to mix with coffee, gradually weaning myself off of the coffee and on to the Decaffeinator only.  It smelled delish and so the hubby and I had it for our tea last night (yes, yes, I am THAT bad, I drink coffee all day and then around 8 pm move on to tea for the rest of the night.  Dutch, remember?), which I wasn't overly worried about as tea has less caffeine then coffee and we often have low or caffeine free teas.  But then, this morning I was hot and tired and my knee was aching so I opted to drink a cup of cold coffee instead of making a fresh pot with the Decaffeinator mixed in, and then right before I headed out to work I brewed a pot of the decaffeinator for drinking at work.  Ah Ha! I said to myself, that will work. 
Except it didn't.

I'm not sure I've stopped yawning since I got here and my eyelids could really use some toothpicks as props.  Though I haven't hit a case of the wicked grumpies (work and no coffee can do that on occasion), I was coming on to the lovely this-lack-of-caffeine-blows headache and ran out for a hopefully lower caffeine iced coffee from McDonald's.  They seemed a safer bet then say, Starbucks, who's caffeine levels are off the charts, like energy drink levels people.   Seriously, Health Canada recommends I only drink 300mg of caffeine per day!  Anywho, in case you're dying of curiosity here is a super comprehensive list of caffeine contents (I'm particularly amused by the caffeine levels of decaf coffee, and some of the caffeine free pops).

In other non-review, just about me news...*blush, waves* (exhaustimacated, remember? where were you for my decaffeination rant?), who else can't get enough of this Royal Tour business?  As in, who cares about what their doing but what is Kate wearing now?!  I swear, I've never been online over the weekend so much in my life.  Every fifteen minutes I'm doing a quick check up to see if she's changed yet.

Besides the brilliance that is her wearing all Canadian designs since she stepped off the plane, we have a very sad rate of success in our tiny fashion design industry people, and she could single handedly turn that around, I'm impressed how she's toed the line between 29 year old, and Duchess Dowdy Day wear. 

Your average 29 year old millionaire would have a hard time grasping what's appropriate at starchy Canadian Government day parties filled with veterans and cancer patients, especially in the dead heat of summer.  Whoever's advising her has the certain je ne sais quoi, that has everyone captivated by her perfect looks and seamless perfection (it's been hovering around 30 degrees and she's been wearing 3/4 sleeve dresses with nary a sweat mark in sight, what 29 year old knows about sweat pads??!).  And lets face it, she had us all with that quirky Canada Day hat.  I'm not lying, it was the cover of the Toronto Star yesterday. The COVER people.

Quite obviously I'm not the only one into this, check out website What Kate Wore, or just type it into Google and see the long string of websites that come up.

But enough about me, (yawn, prefacing another yawn) what are you up to this Sunday??

PS- thank god Game of Thrones is riveting even after watching the series, otherwise I would totally have fell asleep reading on my coffee break out in the sunshine.


  1. YEAHH!! HER HAT! I was at work (MCDONALD'S!) and I was collecting The Toronto Stars and I stared at the front page for 5 minutes just admiring Kate and her hat. She's so beautiful! By the way, good luck with the caffeine purge! I would never be able to do it

  2. Lol. Good luck with the caffeine :S