Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crossed, by Ally Condie- Review

While recouping from the bike accident I went on a mini dystopian bender, and although Crossed doesn't come out until November 1st, I decided to treat myself to an early read.

Part two of the trilogy and the follow up to Matched, Crossed finds Cassia flitting through the outer provinces on the hunt for Ky.  But once again things are not as easy as they seem.  Just as Cassia is about to find Ky she discovers things about Xander which makes her realize he's much more than he's ever seemed.  Has she picked the right boy?

Like Matched, Crossed was not an action packed story, however I didn't find the mysteries and puzzles of this story as intriguing as the first.  Possibly because Crossed largely takes place outside of the Society or maybe because there was more mooning over a boy and less intrigue in general.  Ky and Cassia's romance wasn't ever really the highlight of Matched for me so I suppose a story more focused on the two of them would lack some of it's appeal.  Yet I expected more unraveling of the mysteries of Cassia's world, and didn't feel like I was getting that.

Xander, although in this story very little, was the strongest character to me.  His part in this story and his sudden mysteriousness were really the most intriguing part.  

Although picking up Crossed was one of the big highlights of the BEA for me, I have to say the story didn't live up to my expectations.  Hopefully once part three is released they'll tie into a nice flowing three parter and it won't seem as stale, but after waiting six months for part two I was fairly disappointed by the lack of excitement and reveals.

Part three looks like it will likely take place in a city under Societies watch, so I have my fingers crossed that it takes us back to the puzzles of the first book and the tension that was so nicely played throughout Matched.  

Crossed, by Ally Condie
Published by Dutton Juvenile, November 1st 2011
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  1. Oh damn, I was hoping for some tension, the last chapters of matched seemed like the storyline was about to pick up to a nail biting pace. pity. still looking forward to it :)

  2. Yes, I LOVED Matched and found this one a bit of a let down, or rather quite a bit of a let down. Still good but... well... yeah. I hope book 3 is better!

  3. Yeah it got so far away from society, and so much into the boy drama that it didn't even feel dystopian to me. Which was really weird.