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Manly Mondays- Mini Reviews from the Hubby

OK, so for some time there has been the debate on how the hubby can have his two cents heard via this blog.  And by debate I mean, what should we call it and how should it be formatted (how often, mini or full reviews etc.), but mainly, what should we call it. 

I was all for Testosterone Tuesdays, or Manly Mondays and the hubby was a bigger fan of- Mini Reviews by Ryan (until I reminded him how he doesn't like me to use his name on account of all those serial killer bloggiestas out there).  So from here on in, expect a Manly Monday or a Testosterone Tuesday once a month or so, filled with Mini Reviews by the Hubby (or you can call him Captain Readsalot if you would like, just not Ryan). 
So to whet your appetite, I present to you- The Hubby's first set of Mini Reviews:

Plugged- By Eoin Colfer
Via Goodreads:
Lincoln McEvoy has a problem. Well, really, he has several, but for this Irish ex-pat bouncer at a seedy, small-time casino the fact that his girlfriend was just murdered in the parking lot is uppermost in his mind. That is until lots of people around him start dying, and not of natural causes. Suddenly Linc's got half the New Jersey mob, dirty cops and his man-crazy upstairs neighbor after him and he still doesn't know what's going on. Bullets are flying, everybody's on the take and it all may be more than Linc's new hair plugs can handle.

Plugged is Flawless.  Not a page was wasted.  I'll definitely read this again.  I was impressed to see a YA author come out with an adult book, when so many adult authors are jumping on the YA bandwagon.  Take that John Grisham. 

Here's hoping Eoin Continues this trend.

Published by Overlook, September 1, 2011
Copy received at the BEA by the kind folks of Overlook themselves.
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The Price of Freedom- By A.C. Crispin
Via Goodreads:
Twenty-five-year-old Jack Sparrow is a clean-cut merchant seaman pursuing a legitimate career as a first mate for the East India Trading Company. He sometimes thinks back to his boyhood pirating days, but he doesn’t miss Teague’s scrutiny or the constant threat of the noose. Besides, he doesn’t have much choice—he broke the Code when he freed a friend who had been accused of rogue piracy, and he can no longer show his face in Shipwreck Cove

Pirates was boring.  I read almost half the book before I gave up, and wanted to give up sooner.  This wasn't even worth getting for free.

Published by Disney Editions, May 2011
Copy from the BEA Autographing Area
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Iron House- By John Hart
Via Goodreads:
An old man is dying.

When the old man is dead they will come for him.
And they will come for her, to make him hurt.

Iron House may not be the best "thriller" ever, but it's the best one I've read.  I went out and bought two more of this guys books after finishing this one.

Published by Thomas Dunne Books, July 12th, 2011
Copy received at the BEA from the publishers
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Florida Roadkill- By Tim Dorsey
Via Goodreads:
Local trivia buff Serge loves inflicting pain. Drug-addled Coleman, his partner in crime, loves cartoons. Hot stripper Sharon Rhodes loves cocaine, especially when purchased with dead men's money.

Then there's Sean and David, who love fishing—and helping turtles cross busy thoroughfares. Unfortunately, they're about to cross paths with a suitcase filled with $5 million in stolen money.

I liked it, but I didn't love it.  In the beginning every little chapter was a new character, so it was hard to keep track of who's who.  By the last 50-100 pages it kind of became a recounting of events, first this happened, then  this, then that, then the next thing.  Nonetheless, this book was so bonkers that I will read part two.

Published by Harper Paperbacks, February 2006
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Mucho Mojo: A Hap and Leonard Novel- By Joe R. Lansdale
Via Goodreads:
In the second installment of the Hap Collins-Leonard Pine series, Leonard is still recuperating from the injuries he suffered in the first book (Savage Season) when he learns that his Uncle Chester has died. Hap agrees to stay with Leonard and help clean out the rundown house that he's inherited; when they find a small skeleton buried under the floor, it's up to them to prove that Chester wasn't responsible for a string of child murders by finding the real killer.

Mucho Mojo is the second Hap and Leonard novel.  Check out Rhiannon's review of it the first, Savage Season.  I liked Savage Season more than Rhiannon.  The follow up proved worthy of the investment.  I will definitely continue with this series, though it would be nice to find them used.  This is a funny crime series from the guy that brought us Bubba Hotep and the best B-horror I've read.

Published by Vintage, January 2009
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