Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Link Salad

In a week that has seen many folks riding the Harry Potter film buzz, I thought I would start things off with some fun potter links.
-First off, some crazy fellow in the UK has made a Harry Potter corn maze!  Yes, that's Daniel Radcliffs face.  Apparently he planted a million corn plants to achieve the maze.  More to the point, how did he cut out the heads??

-Film 8 broke records across the board, most pre-tickets sold ever, most midnight showing tickets sold ever, etc, etc.  Because its interesting in a bizzaro way, here's an article on the  Harry Potter film 8 records and earnings for the first weekend and early week.

-Because it's a day ending in y, I have Cassandra Clare news!
A special July teaser for City of Lost Souls featuring Clary kicking butt has been posted on her site.  Also, as part of the San Diego Comic Con, Simon and Schuster made some Clockwork Prince announcements which Cassie later posted.  She said:
All copies of the Clockwork Angel paperback are going to come with a short story in the back called "Magnus' Vow." It takes place during City of Bones and is from Magnus' viewpoint. All first editions of Clockwork Prince are going to come with a letter from Will to his family, that he never sent*, in the back. That's *all first editions." So any first edition, wherever you buy it, will have the letter. Indie stores, Barnes and Noble, etcetera. (I have asked about kindle/etc versions, but I think they won't have it.)
* Yes, the same letter from Will that was in the Italian editions, but with some added material so it isn't *exactly* the same.
* * This isn't the end of bonus content in the books, just the first announcement. Stay tuned...
THIS PERTAINS ONLY TO US RELEASES! More info on UK/Aus stuff when I have it.
-Finally, Lauren DeStefano is continuing with the Facebook Fever Reveal.  This week Fever reveal part 3 was exposed.
Now I'm off to work and several days entertaining visiting family.  Cross your fingers and toes that I don't die of heatstroke (it was 50 degrees Thursday with the humidex!!), but assuming I survive you can expect a couple of reviews from me this week (I am still making my way through the magnificently large George R.R Martin works). In the meantime, Happy Linking and Happy Sunday!

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