Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Link Salad

It is a quiet and lovely Sunday, post parental-in-law visit, and I'm yawning my head off from lack of caffeine (which is kind of the norm the past month).  Yes I'm still reading the Game of Thrones series, I'm currently on page 927 of book three- A Storm of Swords.  Many folks have died, the plot has thickened and although it'll kill me to do this, book four and five will have to have a brief hiatus while I catch up on some review books that have finally arrived via Canada Posts beleaguered system.  I am nothing if I'm not a good and polite little reviewer!
But in the meantime, I've collected this weeks news for you!  So pick up your Sunday indulgence of choice and get cosy while I bring you up to speed.

-At long last, the full cover reveal for fever has happened over on Lauren DeStefano's facebook page.  to be honest I don't love it quite as much as the original, something about the lighting makes it look more posed to me.  However I do love the consistency and the fact they're not stock photos!  Check out Lauren's blog for more extras about fever, and the making of the cover.

- Laini Taylor has posted a daughter of smoke and bone teaser trailer on her site.  I love the look of it! 

-Entertainment Weekly has done a spread for the boys of the Hunger Games.  Over on The Hob you can check out three of the photos, two of which are film stills.  Although I still don't feel like either of these guys look the part I have to say they're more believable in the scene stills then in the posed cover.

-Cassie Clare has put up one of her many many teasers.  This time its a cut scene from City of Lost Souls:
“Hey, Daylighter.”

“No offense, but I never really visualized you calling me before.”
“It’s hardly a social call.” There was a noise in the background; a murmur of voices. “Simon, have you —”
“No, I mean I didn’t really think of you as using the phone. More — appearing in a burst of glitter.”
-Chapters Indigo has some new events recently posted for Ontario. 

On Sunday August 28th, if you're in the Brampton area, make sure to head over to their Chapters to see Lesley Livingston and Heather brewer
Then mark your calendars for September 21st at 7pm, because Sarah Dessen will be signing her latest What Happened to Goodbye.  I had the chance to see Sarah at the BEA but turned it down to instead meet Laini Taylor, so you can bet I'll be down there with bells on!

-My most amusing tidbit of the week I've saved for last.  Some of you (especially canadians) are likely to have heard of our ogre of a mayor who's busily trying to cut every single possible program and service in Toronto, to great protestations.  One of the MANY things on the chopping block is the public library, and most notable were Ms Margaret Atwoods tweets about it.  Atwood has been a beloved author of mine for many many years (sigh Edible Woman goodness!),  and the furor caused by her comments and then Fords idiotic brothers responses have been a source of many giggles for days.  WELL! Chapters Indigo have got on board!!!  Until close today, you can get 30% off any of Atwoods books when you show your library card!!
And that's it for the news this week, hope you have a happy Sunday and a happy long weekend if you're on Canadian soil!

Ps- Did you try to Pottermore today?  If not make sure not to miss the next 6 days of clue hunting


  1. Budget cuts suck, but especially when they start messing with the library! I feel your pain about the many review copies. I've got lots of catching up to do (and I don't have the Canadian mail system to blame, shucks!).

  2. hahaha, yah well the Canada post strike has been a good excuse to dig into the George RR Martin encyclopedias, that is the Song of Fire and Ice series.
    Good luck with your catch up!

  3. Those covers rock! I will hopefully get to read Wither soon^^