Friday, August 5, 2011

Feline Fridays Celebrate The Undrowned Child's US release date, and UK paperback release of the sequel!

Coming out in just four days is one of my favourite ongoing children's series right now- The Undrowned Child by Michelle Lovric (see my review). 

 Releasing in the US on August 9 from Delacorte Books, with a brand new cover, The Undrowned Child should definitely make your must reads list for the summer.  

The lovely Rose la Touche, inspiration for the novels feline Grey Lady, has kindly posed for us (via London no less) with a first look at the cover.  

Of course long distance modelling is rather exhausting .

Also just out in the UK is the paperback of The Undrowned Childs Sequel, The Morning Emporium (see my review).   Stunning Mea, the new Venetian palazzo cat kindly sat for photos with the paperback.

Cats always know a good book when they see it, so what higher recommendation could you possibly get?

Pre-order your copy on Amazon today or make sure to pop into your local bookstore tuesday and nab yourself a copy, you won't be disappointed!