Friday, August 26, 2011

Feline Fridays gets caught up in the Hunger Games Excitement!

I've learned a few things in my various roles in Cat Rescue Volunteering.  One of them is that busy fosters start running out of names for cats, really, really quickly.  So the advice usually given is "pick a theme", which is even more pertinent when naming a litter of kittens.  This is how I've fostered both a Miss Piggy and a Cat Woman.

The Humane Society in Kitchener-Waterloo has gotten into the spirit of this and named a number of it's new kittens after characters from the Hunger Games!  The funniest part of this story is how I heard it first from The Hob, even though I live in Ontario!  Anyhow, should you be looking to add a Hunger Games kitten to your family then make sure to check these fine furry kids out:

There's Finnick





Are they not uber adorable?  Love the styling little outfits!  Even better yet there's a Companion Cat Adoption Initiative going on down there right now:
When you adopt one cat of any age, you have the opportunity to adopt a second adult cat (1 year and older) for only a small administration fee of $10!
The companion cat adoption initiative will be in place from Friday, July 15 to Thursday, September 15, 2011!
The KWHS is seeing an alarming rate of cat surrenders, cat homelessness, abandonment, neglect, and abuse, and with this being peak cat/kitten admission season, over 400 felines have come to the Animal Welfare Centre in the past two months alone. The Centre can only care for 119 cats but currently is over their cat capacity by more than 40 adult cats, all of them in desperate need of forever homes.
Cute kittens are quickly finding their forever homes, but the “tame toddlers” (cats just over 1 year old) are in dire need of finding their perfect match. The KWHS does not have time limitations placed on an animal’s stay in the Centre, but does have space limitations (to maintain overall physical, mental and emotional health of all animals) on the number of animals it can house at any one time. To maintain the momentum of the Year of the Cat campaign, the KWHS is inciting adoptions of “tame toddlers.”

Such a good deal, so can I recommend getting Bosco and renaming him Haymitch?
or Loretta and naming her Mags?

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