Monday, August 29, 2011

In the Forests of the Night, by Kersten Hamilton- Review and Trailer Contest

One of my favourite reads of last year was part one of this series, Tyger Tyger. Fresh, exciting and fairly creepy, Tyger Tyger totally blew me away, so I was pretty bummed when part two, In the Forest of the Night, didn't crop up at the BEA (the poster was there but I never came by the book). Thus it was the biggest thrill when I got home and ONE DAY LATER, a box of ARC's arrived containing none other than....In the Forest of the Night!! Generally speaking I am a notoriously unlucky person (as in I have terrible luck, not that I am simply not lucky, which would be much better), so when something that providential happens I am always very impressed.

Now although I'm not Celtic, you can't grow up with a name like Rhiannon and not know at least some Celtic lore. It's a gorgeous area of mythology, rich with evil and darkness, Gods and legends, and sadly, totally out of fashion in fiction right now. Until Kersten Hamilton came along and crafted this fantastic Goblin Wars series for YA audiences. She's tapped into the lore and made something so contemporary and gripping that it's amazing it hasn't been done by someone else in YA fiction.

Book two picks up where Tyger Tyger left off. Teagan and Finn are absorbing the fact she's not what they thought, with a household full of escapees from Mag Mell swirling around them, each with their own issues.   Fear Doirich has made it clear he's not done with Teagan and everyone is trying to settle into a somewhat "normal" life while this threat hovers over them.  But can Raynor, Mamieo and the Mac Cumhaill protect them from the King of Goblins?

This book was more of a building block in some ways then the first story.  There was less action and more character development and world building.  It was decidedly less scary too.  But what it lost in action and creepy crawlies it totally gained in personalities.  I was endlessly entertained by the rivalry between Finn and Abby, and was tickled to see more of Abby's cousin's the Turtles.  Although I loved her characters in book one, they are certainly more of a focus in book two, which has done them nothing but justice.

The set up for book three was especially intriguing and I'm now dying to see where these Goblin Wars are going to take it's readers.

In the Forest of the Night: The Goblin Wars, Book Two, by Kersten Hamilton
Published by Clarion Books, November 22, 2011
Pre-Order on Amazon
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  1. I LOVED Tyger, Tyger as well, and I have In the Forests of the Night for review now! Can't wait to get to it!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think Julie, I loved it.

  3. I've never heard of these. They look really interesting! New follower stopping through!

    Tia @ Falling For Books

  4. This is a beautiful cover! Thanks for the recommendation.

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