Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Odd Job Squad, by Karl Fields- Review

How perfect would school have been if there was someone you could email who'd provide you with revenge in any instance of substantiated teasing, harassment or bullying?  Now how cool would it have been if you were one of the smarty pants who ran this squad?   Ander Cartwright thought it was pretty perfect until someone figured out he was the ring leader of this group and started playing him at his own game.  Now that the anti has been upped can Ander get him and his friends out of being revenged upon and back to revenging upon others?

I loved the hijinks in Fields debut novel and it's flavour was definitely akin to the smart and fun middle school novels like Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, the Sisters Grimm and Fablehaven, except without the fantasy. Ander and his friends are the charming mixture of super smart, a bit nerdy but not the slightest bit angsty or mean.  Their revenge group serves the purpose of keeping things fair, and they've set in place guide lines to keep it from getting personal.

I sped through The Odd Job Squad in under 24 hours and was enjoying it so thoroughly I was hard pressed to put it down and do other things.  The action is fast paced and the characters are totally loveable and I have to say the only disappointment to me about the whole experience was it was self published.  And you wouldn't believe it, but my complaint isn't the usual, i.e. it needed the polishing of an editor, but simply that with a large publishing house behind it, this book would be way more advertised and therefore in the hands of so many readers.  And its very deserving of that.  So make sure and head over to Amazon and buy a case load of this very well priced book to share with all the book lovers in your life.

The Odd Job Squad, by Karl Fields
Published June 2011
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  1. The premise of this book does sound great. It sounds like a whacky story that I could see as a movie easily.

  2. totally! I always love the slightly 007 action in kids books, I wanted to be that tricky and smart when I was 9-12.

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