Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Link Salad, and yes, I have all sorts of Clockwork Prince and Lost Souls teasers for you!

Well, it's been a week filled with news, but more than anything it's been a week filled with Cassandra Clare spoilers and teasers, due to the YA tourney and Jace winning.  So be ready to read my pretties!

- Laini Taylor has posted the UK book trailer for Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  I'm not sure I like it as much as the first teaser trailer but its interesting.

-The Throne of Fire has gone back to the #1 spot on the New York Bestsellers list.  According to Ricks blog post about it that makes 14 weeks!  I still haven't gotten around to reading my copy but I'm looking forward to it since I enjoyed the first book so much.

-I meant to post this yesterday for Feline Friday but the day got away from me (I'm cat sitting for someone who lives a fair jaunt away and fussing over a neighbours cat at the moment and between the two it's sucking up a lot of my down time).  Bill Bruce, the renowned shelter reformist from Calgary is coming to Toronto to talk about his phenomenal success, and hopefully inspire some of us to pick up  the challenge and turn our shelters around in a similar manner.  If you're not familiar with him, Bill Bruce has turned Calgary's foster system from an overwhelmed, only semi successful one into Canada's biggest success story with high lost pet return rates, low euthanasia, successful licensing and excellent adoption rates.

-Alrighty, enough teasing! I told you I had links to teasers and I do.  First up, a steamy cut from City of Lost Souls dubbed the Dirty Sexy Club Scene, (keep in mind that these clips can all have spoilery bits of information).  Next up is Jace's POV from Chapter nine's scene in City of Glass by the manor house This Guilty Blood.  Jace isn't the only character people! So to prove it there are two more teasers for you that aren't him (no whining they're good!).  First up a teaser from City of Lost Souls with Simon and Isabelle, and to end it off today a scene from Clockwork Prince with Jem and Tessa.  One last scene promised from Cassie tomorrow with Magnus and Alec!

That about does it for this week!  I'm going to wander off and suffer through some allergies in snuffly filled not-so-silence, and keep on with reading In the Forests of the Night (goblin wars book two), which is super fab by the way.  Hope your reading is enthralling and your weather is just how you like it this weekend!
Happy Saturday!

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