Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Storm of Swords, book three of A Song of Ice and Fire, By George R.R. Martin- Review

My epic summer read continues with A Storm of Swords (book three), and another 1128 pages of George R.R. Martin goodness.  What a fantastic summer read! all I want to do it loll around in the back yard with the kitties, some ice cream or a cold drink and some of George’s awesome story telling.  And all this talk of freezing, and snow, and winter's coming, is all very helpful when your dying of heat stroke as well.  It's almost cooling in its own right!

Being the equivalent of roughly 9 and a half of my average 300 page reads, the Games of Thrones has seriously slowed down my reviewing speeds.  You would think it would also be trying to stick with something so long, I am only just over half way through what’s published to date, but I have to say the level of quality he can maintain at 2904 pages of writing astounds me.  I haven’t hit a single part I thought was dragging or slow.  Part of this is the tension he constantly maintains between all his characters, and part of this is the very slow reveal of his magical elements.  If there wasn't pay out once in awhile he would loose a lot of readers,  1128 pages is a mega commitment for the average reader after all.

For Storm of Swords, the constant trickle of reveals and developments had me hanging on every word.  Rumors, hints and outright confessions of who has done what, and to whom keeps the story interesting and moving right along, but the way the sands are always shifting is also super engrossing.  God knows I wouldn’t want to have to play at the game of thrones but I’m desperate to read more of Martin’s characters dabbling in it.

I really loved how the fantastical and magical elements are getting heavier in each of the books as well.  Others, wights, giants, mammoths, gods, dragons and more abound in book three, both in back story as well as part of the action.  Some of the greatest reveals have been about the magics forgotten in the seven kingdoms and how they are only now just starting to come to the surface again.

Also, can I just say?  I know everyone blathers on about how he kills so many of his characters, so you think you’d be prepared, but it seems every time there’s a death it’s a total shocker!  And there were several epic ones in this book.  I’m starting to wonder who’s going to be left alive by the end.  No seriously, possibly no one.  The shock value of them alone is so intense I end up starring off into space stunned for a few minutes muttering about how I can't believe that just happened.  The hubby finds this endlessly amusing.

It's going to be the hardest thing ever to ignore A Feast of Crows and A Dance of Dragons for the next couple weeks while I catch up on some my other, languishing, review reading.  Especially with the cliff hangers left dangling at the end of A Storm of Swords!! Argh, see my resolve is already weakening!

A Storm of Swords, Song of Ice and Fire 3, By George R. R. Martin
Published by Bantam, 2000 (my edition is a 2011 reprint)