Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Link Salad

Ahhhhh, the sweet sound of rain, and the muggy wall of humidity.  Summer- how I love/hate you!  In essence it's almost the right weather for a cup of hot (decaffeinated) coffee today, which I've barely touched in a more than a month due to insanely hot daily temperatures. 
Hot or cold, grab a beverage and have a run through this weeks linkable links of news and sundries from the book world.

-Have you wet your pants from a crazy fit of the giggles lately? No? Well might I suggest a bit of Libba Bray's humor? Earlier this week, Libba Bray posted a "sort of frequently asked questions" post.  Mixed in with answers like this:
Q: Speaking of agents, what's it like to be married to your agent, Barry Goldblatt?
A: I haven't been married to any other literary agents for comparison's sake, but I think he's pretty cool. Of course, it does get annoying when I ask him to take out the trash and he says, "That'll be fifteen percent."
Are also some semi-serious ones.

-The moment so many Cassie Clare Twitter followers have been waiting for has come and gone.  The 10000 follower teaser surprise has been released, and it's every bit as wonderful as the Jace perspective of the Seelie kiss scene.  Check out Cassie's site to read Will's perspective of his and Tessa's kiss.  On the same link is the the Seelie kiss link in case you've previously missed it.

-Laini Taylors awesome forthcoming novel, Daughter of Smoke and Bone has had a new cover released for the UK edition.  I think it's one of my favorites so far.

-Many excited tongues were wagging when Steven Soderberg showed up this week to shoot second unit  for Hunger Games.  For those of you not in the film lingo know, second unit shooting is usually done by a smaller team while the main production is running simultaneously.  It's pretty unheard of for such a big name director to take on second unit shooting, so this is quite the coup for the Hunger Games.  Hopefully it's just one of the many signs of how amazing the film will be!

- Lost Hero cover artist, John Rocco has made an ALA poster based on the Lost Hero cover for teachers and librarians.  It's beautiful (like all of his art), but I especially love how well it illustrates being swept away by a great book.  Apparently it's available for sale in the ALA shop online, it would definitely make it into my class supplies if I was a teacher!

-Ally Condie will be announcing her tour for Crossed tomorrow in a facebook fun-for-all.  Is it just me or is this the new "thing" with publishers?  Seems like everyone is having little facebook reveals and special announcements, I'm seeing them more often then twitter parties lately.  Anywho, head on over tomorrow for the ten minute announcements (yup, one place announced every ten minutes for an hour, I would not want to be the person having to post those.  Do you think they're sitting by their computer with an egg timer and a book?).  For more info check out Ally's post about it on her blog.

And that's all for this week!

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