Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Link Salad

This week is a bit of a "I told you so" to my somewhat unimpressive organization skills when it comes to keeping track of the links I find during the week.  IE, I open them up and leave them on my desktop.  I know, fancy right?  I can tell you're impressed with my mad skills.

Anyhoot, as life has a way of doing, it badly got in the way of my fairly organized plans this week.  First I caught the communal work cold, then a great opportunity that was wildly last minute for Annex Cat Rescue came up (sending me into a nose blowing/emailing-planning frenzy), and then my Grandma decided it was time to wrap things up already (at the great age of 93) and took a nap with a side of aneurysm.  So I found myself and my cold dumping everything and hoping a flight to Saskatchewan with a few hours notice.  You can see where I'm going with this right?  look at all those lovely links, open on my desktop two provinces away.

So as I hold vigil in the hospital, after sending all the rest of my exhausted, haven't-slept-in-over-24hrs family home and to bed, I am left with the task of trying to remember what in heavens name all that news was anyhow.  Although it's getting out of my age category, I'm going to give it the Ol' college try and see if I can drum up some of them from my congested brain pan.

-Quirk books has announced that Ransom Riggs is indeed signed for a sequel for Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children.  It is yet untitled but will release Spring 2013.  The best news?  Mr Riggs has collected over a thousand new old photos for story the second.  Love you Mr Riggs and your beeeeutiful cloth bound book with real vintage pictures and an amazing story to boot.

-Laini Taylor announced that Karou and Zuzana have hit twitter.  She also gives a short little lesson in how to read tweets (um, twidiot here, though she may have just convinced me Twitter is what I need to kill time tonight.  So twitter?  watch out, here I come.  Right after very late night tea run to hospital cafe which apparently closes at 12:30am).
12:30am saskabush time update- am twitter live.  Where is the action i ask you?? where are all the middle of the night folks dying to follow me? Hospitals are quiet places that make people sleepy when they should be awake and fussing over blankets on loved ones, come on already! ps- button is lame, will fix after more sleep.

-Alright, this isn't really bookie, but it is 11pm Saskabush time, and so really, 1am Toronto time, and I have had about 4 hours sleep since initial ambulance call at 8pm Toronto time last night, so....I'm allowed non-bookie things.  And this is a fun, albeit way too short thing.  Two words.  Jedi Kittens.  tag line? May the Meow be with you.  Watch it, you'll giggle.

-Finally there is talk of a Clockwork Prince trailer popping up here and there. Tweets and teasers, you know the drill.  I am not so bored or sleep deprived that I care at all.  I kind of loath trailers with actors, you know?  But Cassie is so beloved by all I would be remiss if I didn't at least point you to Mundie Moms to have a look-see if that's your thing.

Happy Saturday/Sunday (depending on time zone), may your grandmas pass peacefully and your hurricanes sweep by with as little damage as possible.