Friday, September 16, 2011

The OH MY GOD, HOW MAY BOOKS DO I HAVE TO READ???? Mini read-at-thon

I have been a terrible hostess.  I know, I know.  Last weekend I promised my return and then what did I do?! Go completely silent again!  
In my defence I have to say, very early sunday morning we had more bad news.  Two days after I returned and was settling back in from my Grandmothers funeral, we got a call that the hubbies Grandfather (also in Saskatchewan) had passed away.  Needless to say September is not panning out to be the productive month I had planned!

Anywho, I am currently almost finished my first day of 4, home alone, and I have a massive undertaking I'm trying to work my way through.  I have 4 books to read and review by a week today. Yup.  So apparently my quiet week off that was supposed to be part catch up, part sleeping and part lazy canning and baking has been re-dedicated to maniac reading (and a hair cut for a possible contributor photo, blurg!) all for an exciting new project where, if all goes to plan, readers will soon be able to peruse my reviews in hard print.

So hell, I'm home alone, why not power through right??  But I keep dozing off so I thought I'd throw some excitement into this home alone with dozy kitties and make this a web experience with live updates, snacks and staying up late (dude I'm so not an all nighter chick).

So these are my stats.  I thought I'd start easy and go with the thinnest book. 
Massive fail.
Thinnest book turns out to have the densest prose (hence dozing off).

As of 11:01pm Toronto time, I'm 157 pages into The Paris Correspondent by Alan S. Cowell.  It's only 268 pages so this should have been done by now.  I did, after all, read all 280 pages of the Duff in one day while away for the funeral.  However The Duff did not abound with sentences like this : 
When you met up with him, it was as if he was beckoning you to join him on the far side of some Alice in Wonderland portal that led to a world where everything changed gear, changed perspective; as if he was luring you to enter Narnia or Oz and not be too surprised about what you might encounter.  You could almost feel yourself decoupling from your familiar coordinates, drifting free.

So the first part of my reading journey involved dozing off for at least an hour in the middle of a similar prose stuffed sentence that went nowhere, only to be saved by a call from my mom. Thank god for mom!  She talked to me until I woke up enough to make some caffeinated tea and try try again.  Luckily the story part has actually finally kicked in so between the radio, the caffeine, and the snacks I am still wide eyed and busy tailed! Hell I might even finish this book!  

Thurman is totally planning a play at the chocolate.
I just finished some crackers with cheese, and the chocolate bars are still readily available.  The cats look tired and unimpressed, however they are enjoying the cooler temperatures and the snuggle-ability of the long reading hours with a blanket.

Wish me luck! Talk to you soon!

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  1. Good luck getting your books read! I know how it feels I have 5 books to read for blog hops and reviews by the end of the month. I'm halfway through one.

    We can do it!