Sunday, September 18, 2011

Read-a-thon update, day the second part two

I have been, I have eaten the pickle and I have returned to blankets, kitties, tea and a shocking story.

Pages read so far- 185, pages remaining- 156, likelihood I'll finish tonight- slim to none.
Tissues used while reading Shannon's heart wrenching story? 3 very wet ones.
On the agenda for midnight? Clean the litter, feed the kitties, get ready for bed, turn off the radio (which, by the by, plays a retarded amount of beastie boys after 10pm on Saturday), and take this book to bed for maybe another half hour of reading or whenever I manage to put it down (its super engrossing).

Books remaining to review prior to Friday deadline for edits? 2.5
Time remaining until hubbies return, and therefore when I need to start cleaning dishes and picking up random socks laying about the apartment? 48 hour exactly (not that I'm counting or anything)
Street fairs left to visit this weekend? 1- Bloor West Village Ukrainian festival (did polish today).

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