Saturday, September 17, 2011

Read-a-thon update, day the second

Well what can I say.  I'm a little too old for staying up that late.  I didn't drag my sorry butt out of bed until 11 this morning, then got ready for some street festival eating.

Me and my good friend Mel from The Streets I Know, hit Roncesvalles in search of yummy, cheap food and good times.  All of which we found, including fire jugglers, a 9-12 year old Green Day cover band, competitive polish dancing, samosas and murtabaks.  Did I mention we're going back shortly for dinner?? And likely desert too.

In the interim I started my next read, Through the Glass by Shannon Moroney, a biography of a woman who's husband committed violent sexual assault and kidnapping one month into their marriage.
Happy happy reading times!  Not my usual read by a long shot, I'm not a true crime kind of girl, however it was top of my editors list so I'm currently 91 pages committed to it.  It's good, though adequately disturbing and horrifying.  Lets just say I'm glad I'm able to temper it with buskers and street food.

But I hear the siren song of deep fried pickles and funnel cakes, so it's time to call Mel up for round two (ie-dinner), the remaining 251 pages will just have to wait for my stuffed self to roll back here for more reading.

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