Sunday, September 18, 2011

Read-a-thon update, day the third part deux

oh god it's bad. 10:55 and I'm only, technically, 11 pages into The Age of Persuasion, How Marketing Ate our Culture.  I'm also, already wildly resentful that somehow the first 17 pages aren't part of the page count for this book.  I mean I read them!!! I should be at 28 pages despite the actual numbering of the pages of this book.  So that's the stat I'm listing.

I can't stop yawning suddenly, and my attention is distracted every couple of lines.  Boy my tea sure is steamy tonight.  Wow, look how far up the steam seems to go?!

Good lord, I sure hope I don't have to somehow finish this book.

1 comment:

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