Sunday, September 18, 2011

Read-a-thon update, day the third

I have been Ukrainianised and made a little more Polish as well.  There have been two street fairs and much yummy street fair food.

My good friend Hasina came over today to do the Bloor Street West Ukrainian festival with me.  We split homemade lemonade, chicken peanut skewers, a beef empanada, perogies, and some kind of spectacular polish sausage with pickled peppers and fancy onions. Yum!

Then I came home and got to work. Thus I can now proudly say I've finished book two of four for friday!! Through the Glass by Shannon Moroney made me very weepy, lots more soggy kleenex, however it was super thought provoking and has only increased my interest in a book Amy from Amy Reads reviewed a short while ago about the penitentiary system.  Must remember to ask her what it was called! (mental note to self, Shannon's book is having a release party October 11 at the Gladstone.  This would be a cool excursion)

Now I'm going to have super belated bachelorette super (eggs and bacon, rah rah!!), then get to work on the book I've been dreading.  The Age of Persuasion, How Marketing Ate our Culture.  See? I think I may have dozed off just saying the title, ugh.  Alas I must give it the old college try.

Wish me luck!!

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