Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sarah Dessen Signing

 Sarah was at the BEA, but so was Laini Taylor, at the same time and I had to pick.  Since Laini Taylor's time slot involved a little more face time (and I'd read more of her books at that moment in time then Sarah's), Laini won.
Also, I am in love with Laini's daughter Clementine via the Internet, which is cruel as I will likely never meet her cuteness in person.
Mean, mean Internet!   
this is only the tail end of the line!
Sarah also has a daughter, who's second name is Clementine, but I've seen very little of her so far, presumably she is a little young for twitter but alas, I've been wrong about the "too young for twitter" thing before, so who knows, maybe she is a young twitter prodigy and can fly on over here and give me a couple of lessons.

But I digress monumentally! Apparently it was fate I didn't see Sarah or the What Happened to Goodbye Whoopie cake truck at the BEA, because Sarah kindly came to me instead!  Though without whoopie cakes, boo.
this is Sarah Demonstrating the coffee high

It was a beautiful Toronto day for everything but flying, and poor Sarah almost didn't make it in.  Because she's a twitter-addict, Air Canada got a lot of really angry tweets from her fans over the course of the day.  Which was vastly amusing to me because, in my humble opinion, all airlines are deserving of some backlash on occasion.  Lets face it, they're very expensive, very unreliable transit.  You really get so much less than you pay for!  

this is me making having a look the huge line
 Anywho, she was only a teeny weeny ten minutes late, and was ever so apologetic for being a "hot mess" (which she wasn't!), and the crowd was so glad to see her they gave her a hearty welcome all the same.

There were oodles of folks, I'd expected it would be busy but it was way more so than I'd thought even.  Apparently I wasn't the only one, as Sarah went on to say she felt like a bit of a rock star with the crowd and the cheering and that she really wasn't.  How most days found her a "total mess" and late for dropping her daughter off at pre-school, and all the put together moms look at her sympathetically and ask if she works.  Sarah tells them she's self employed and works from home, and theoretically nobody has any idea she has legions of fans.

ah wine!

Crazy mom's, don't they go to bookstores?

Sarah was a delight in person, she hadn't eaten and I joked that there should have been requisite Starbucks in exchange for her signature and she laughed and said there had been offers, but she was really bad with caffeine late at night and got really hyper.  I had a look at the still huge line behind me and suggested maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing.  We laughed and she said she'd reward herself with a nice big glass of wine after, and I said that sounded like a good exchange to me.  She signed, and I moved on, but with a nice little glow about how she's just as nice as I could have hoped for.

I suppose I should have let her know that her books were what I turned to when my grandma was in the hospital earlier this month as I knew they would be the perfect escape for my mom and I while we sat at her bedside, and later as we planned the funeral.  Maybe next time, I will definitely make sure to see her again.

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