Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Link Salad

Pull up a steaming cup of morning buzz because do I ever have loads of stuff for you to check out today!

-First up, in various cities across Canada, today is Word on the Street, a huge book festival. At the Toronto one I'm hoping to get to see Kenneth Oppel talk about This Dark Endeavour at 12-12:30 and hopefully catch Kelly Armstrongs big bash later in the day.  Check out the Toronto itinerary for more info.

- Cassandra Clare is setting the record straight about confusion over her bonus content for certain editions of A Clockwork Prince.  The good news is that no matter what edition you buy, she'll eventually have the bonus content up on her site, so bonus content for all!

-If like me, you're a fan of Jackie Morse Kesslers books Rage and Hunger then head on over to The Hate-Mongering Tart for a guest post from Jackie herself.  She talks about Banned books, the brou-ha-ha about that now famed Wall Street Journal article (she was one of the specific authors called out), and about her latest horseman book- Loss.  The best part? You also get a chance to win yourself an ARC of Loss, well in advance of it's March 2012 release date.

-Lisel and Po is hitting shelves in 9 days, and if you just can't wait that long then head on over to their website which is now live and full of goodies.  And if  the trailer and interviews and buttons galore aren't enough for you, well you can now have a peek inside as well!

- Laini Taylor linked to this very interesting article in the Boston Phoneix the other day.  It talks about the rise of YA as a genre and some of the stigma of an "easy read" book. 

The Atlantic reported that, since 1997, the number of Young Adult titles released annually has increased tenfold, from 3000 to over 30,000. YA books now comprise a quarter of the book market, and YA sales figures increase every year.
Check out the article for more, its a very thought provoking read.

-Finally, Harper Teen is giving you a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon.  Yup this was the one whose brief apperance at the BEA caused an enormous line that got cut off 3 people in front of me, which to be honest was a bit of a relief because it meant my day was done!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love these posts! I always look forward to them! :) I'm going to go enter to win an ARC of Loss!

  2. Thanks Tara! I try my best, good luck and if you win you have to tell me how awesome it is, I'm dying to get my hands on it too!