Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unlinkable Saturday Link Salad, and Hop winners!

Ta Da! I'm Back!
I know, I know. My staleness has bored you these past two weeks.  I apologize profusely.  Alas, family and life and the loss of it both has eaten up my days lately.  But I flew back to T.O. late thursday night, spent yesterday catching up on organizing, volunteering and groceries and today is dedicated to yard maintenance and the start of blog and email catchup. 
Oh god the horrors!  
So far it's been one cup of coffee and the perusal of 148 junk emails and the deletion thereof.  I'm not sure if the weeds in my yard or the 78 emails still awaiting me to look at them, are scarier. 

Needless to say I am wayyyy behind on my website reading and although I had a largess of links, they are either outdated or lost to me at the moment.  However, I do have a handful of things to share!

-First up I have some winners to announce!  Congratulations to Manda, Angela Clark and Alison.  Each of you will be receiving an email from author Nuayma Jeggel shortly, to arrange for your copy of her ebook, Raven!  Thanks to all who entered the Back to the Books Hop and I hope you will be sticking around if you're one of my new followers.

-I'm happy to, belatedly, announce the return of the ever fun Giving Me the Creeps October! Starting October 1st and running all month, I'll once again be dedicating my reading and reviews entirely to the creepies.  Be it Zombies, Vampires, Monsters or horror, if it has the potential to give me the willies, I'm in! I have a fab button so you can pass along the fun if you're also creepily inclined, it should be up and running in just a few hours on my side bar.  

-Also, I'm joining forces with I'm a Reader not a Writer to bring you the Spooktacular Hop from October 24th to 31st.  Make sure to sign up and join the fun!
Expect something special and hopefully signed for my giveaway!

-Finally, the September teaser for City of Lost Souls is up.  It's fun because it's Magnus and Izzy, so make sure to check it out.

We'll talk soon, I promise. Now go forth and have a happy Saturday!