Monday, October 10, 2011

The Cellar, by A. J. Whitten- Review

I was really intrigued by the idea behind The Cellar, and by that I'm referring to the fact it was written by author Shirley Jump and her teenage daughter in an effort to "spice up the Shakespeare stories that are required reading in High School".  Romeo and Juliet with Zombies seemed like a no fail combo to me.

Although filled with gory descriptions of a unusual brand of thoughtful Zombie, and a somewhat interesting mystery about who these zombies were and where they'd come from, The Cellar didn't really live up to what I had hoped for.

Meredith and Heather Willis's life was torn apart when they're dad died in a car accident, and while blundering along trying to make it through, one day at a time, someone new moves in next door and sets the neighbourhood to talking.  Super handsome Adrien is instantly beloved by every girl he comes across except Meredith who's unaccountably put off.  Her sister Heather doesn't have the same reservations though, and in no time she is falling deep and hard for Adrien who claims she's the only girl for him.  Things come to a head as Meredith's suspicions are confirmed by a variety of weird things she sees, now can she convince everyone else before it's too late?

I sort of thought the Romeo and Juliet thing was going to be a more subtle homage in the book.  Instead it was a constant reference to how Adrien and Heather were exactly like Romeo and Juliet, oh and they're even playing Romeo and Juliet in the school play- just in case you were somehow confused.  So instead of being a fun zombie homage or even a parody of Romeo and Juliet it was a zombie story that tried really hard to rub shoulders with Romeo and Juliet, I guess in the hope that some of it's fame and glory might rub off? Its hard to say.  I'm a little mystified how it spices up the Bards work though.

And I'm not sure I'm crazy about the thinking, falling in love brand of zombies either, especially since I was somehow supposed to take him seriously and be both scared of him and then possibly feel sorry for him.  I think I would have liked him much better as a parody, a star crossed lover with maggots coming out of his eye sockets.  But then I guess it would just have been a Pride and Prejudice with Zombies knock off.

One way or another, although some of the gorier descriptions made me have to hold off on eating, this wasn't as scary as I had hoped.

The Cellar, by A. J. Whitten
Published by Graphia, May 2011
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