Sunday, October 9, 2011

Croak, by Gina Damico- Review

When Croak came winging itself through the mail box last week I knew I had to dig in ASAP.  The cover alone screams Giving me the Creeps, but the big surprise bonus was how funny it was.

Lexington Bartleby is a delinquent of epic proportions, and with her parents and her twin sister finally at the end of their patience she's being sent off for the summer.  Uncle Mort has kindly offered some hard work at his farm to try and straighten her out.  Now imagine Lex's surprise when she arrives and realizes Uncle Mort is really a Grim Reaper and his "farm" work is really a summer worth of training and work as a Junior Reaper?

This was a hilarious story about the behind the scenes work of whole communities of Grim Reapers.  Throw in the fact that most talented reapers present as unbelievable delinquent teens and I was entertained enough to not even need an actual story arc.  But there was a great one of those too! An evil reaper who's set up as the mega villain by the end, thereby insuring I'll be rushing out to nab book two when there is one.

Lex and her partner Driggs have one of those great relationships where the banter is dead on, the tension is high and there is absolutely no mooning about in the good old flower petal pulling "does he, does he not" bull.  They're pulling each others hair hard enough that you know they like each other, but they're too busy reaping and getting on each others cases to get all sappy.

I spent a very great deal of time laughing out loud, and although there's a fair amount of information given out, there is still a lot of Bartleby family history to get into.  This is set up to be a series as engrossing as it is amusing.

The bad news here is you'll have to wait a bit for this one, it releases March 20th 2012.  Make sure to add it to your wish list or better yet, pre-order it now so you don't miss out.

Croak, by Gina Damico
Published by Graphia, March 20th, 2012
In the meantime, check out Gina's website

Oh and look what I found when I searched Croak images?  I know, you want a Croak kitten too right??!


  1. Agreement on the amusement factor! They were hilarious the whole lot of them.

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