Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Double Dexter, by Jeff Lindsay- Review

Oh Dexter! Let me count the ways I love you. First off, you are so slick and hopeless at the same time, I adore the messes you get into. Secondly, if you have to have side kicks to your story then who better than your potty mouth sister, difficult stepchildren and flighty but lovely wife?  Thirdly you are a funny, funny man, twisted, but funny.  Fourthly, your stance on criminals, now who can argue with that? Fifthly you're a club scout participant, who doesn't love a serial killer cub scout?  Reason the sixth- Double Dexter, my highly anticipated, yearly fall treat!

It's a killers dream life, great job, fantastic family and time for deadly visits on the side, what could be better?  That is until Dexter is caught in the act by some unknown observer.  Life quickly spirals into fits of worry and *gasp* emotion, while Dexter fusses over who his mystery follower could be and if he's safe.  Meanwhile life goes on as crimes continue as per usual in Miami, and Rita worries about the size of their house and if they should up size.  But Dexter's shadow is wittier than expected, and between Rita, work and the kids it seems like Daddy Dexter has both gotten a little soft, and might have finally met his match.

This might have been my favorite Dexter book yet.  I love what a tailspin family life has Dexter in.  If he's not trying to work out all of Rita's cryptic subtext and nonsensical conversations, he's mooning over Lily Anne or trying to tame angsty tween Astor.  Meanwhile Brian is also still popping by for Friday family dinners and Debs is quite confusingly depending on her partner for a change.  Clearly Dexter is no match to simple, every day family life.

And funny! Yea Gods I was chortling the whole way through this latest Dexter Dramody.  The Cub scout Wilderness Weekend had me in tears and the hubby was quite sick of my case of the giggles by bedtime.  But so help me, the Cub scout leaders tirade on the deadly creatures of the great outdoors coupled with Dexter and Cody's death by mosquito is enough to make me die laughing all over again just thinking about it.

Insert the race to the finish, competition between Dexter and his shadow and this book was 100% a page turning, laugh out loud winner.  As a pure bonus of joy the story trundles down to Key West and staggers smack into the middle of Hemingway Days, which was all the more enjoyable knowing that author Jeff Lindsay's wife is Hemingway's niece.  Oh and did I mention there's a shark too? No? Well I suppose you'll just have to read Double Dexter for yourself then.

Double Dexter, Jeff Lindsay
Published by Doubleday, October 18th 2011
My copy kindly provided by the publisher
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