Friday, October 7, 2011

Feline Fridays gets dressed up for Giving me the Creeps October

I have to preface this by explaining that my fingers have been very swollen for a week and a half now, so Costume the first is not as fancy as might have been expected.  However, I'm being steroided up so hopefully things will straighten out in the next few days so I can start prep for costume the second!

I thought this was maybe less of a costume and more of a small homage to the spirit of pets.  
The Devil inside.
By Baxter you can see there's a small trend to be less cooperative.
Thurman decided to take it to all new levels though.
After that there was no getting it out of his mouth and onto his head.  
Seemed rather apropos though, I have to say.

Happy Creepy Feline Friday!


  1. started at Spidey and worked my way through to the beginning.....<3 these!

    a little jealous that your cats will do this, it just doesn't work well with mine