Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Link Salad

Have your fingers un-cramped from last week yet? Because there is oodles more where that came from.  If you're celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend then make sure to have a good gander prior to turkey fatigue setting in.

-Are you one of the many, many people who wondered what in heavens name has been happening with Kristen Cashores next book Bitterblue?  It had a release date two years ago, there were little blurbs periodically on her blog and then suddenly there was nothing for a very, very long time.  Well all has been explained via PW, along with the cover reveal and the release date- May 2012.

-Speaking of spring titles, Penguin is giving a sneak peak into 5 of their spring titles.  Just enough of a taste to drive you crazy waiting I'm sure.

-And on the subject of sneak peaks, both Chuck Palahniuk's latest Damned and Laini Taylors Daughter of Smoke and Bone have teasers up for perusing.  So in case you still weren't sold on either of them, make sure to head over and have a taste. I adored D of S and B, and the hubby very much enjoyed Damned.

-Super, uber exciting Holly Black/Alvina Ling announcement via PW.  Alvina (editor of Daughter of Smoke and Bone) has acquired Holly's newest endeavour (after quite the auction) The Coldest Girl in Town (a vampire stand alone).  You might recognize the title from her awesome short story by the same name.  I CANNOT wait to get my hands on this, the short story was one of my favourites of the collection so a full book exploring that world should be amazing.  Check out Holly's post with all the details of her secret secret secret project.

-Barry Lyga did a great little guest post for Scholastic talking about his latest- Archvillan. I love me some  Lyga after discovering Goth Girl last winter and I absolutely can't wait to get down to this new series as soon as I clear some of my shelf breaking TBR pile.

-There has been the teeny weeniest amount of silence from Cassandra Clare, meaning that I now have a veritable deluge of teasers and tidbits for you.  First off the placeholder for the City of Lost Souls has been released, apparently the background city is Paris.  Next up, apparently Cassandra thinks her cat Linus would make the purrfect Chairman Meow in the films, and she's given us a photo so we can give her a thumbs up.  There's also a snippet from Magnus's Vow up on her Tumblr which, if I'm keeping all the bonus info straight, is part of what you get in one of the special editions...I think.  This much bonus material in and it gets a little confusing!

Which leads me to the last two bit and bobs from CC- The October teaser for Clockwork Prince is up, as well as a deleted scene from City of Lost Souls that CC generously handed over to Fuck Yeah! Mortal Instruments.

-Speaking of mega franchises- The Envelope has a short interview with Woody Harrelson about playing Haymitch.  Apparently he's gone for humour with Haymitch which is interesting, but more amusing is his response to the doubting fans.  He claims they're doing something that's never been done before, with the best of everything...ummm like as in Harry Potter maybe?  Pretty sure this essence of a book with the best of everything has been done a few times actually.  What remains to be seen is how it comes together in the end.

-Next up is another fascinating look at the YA market and it's new(ish) epic appeal.  PW features YA Comes of Age  with some interesting insight from Barry Goldblatt among others.  Even more interesting is Tamora Pierce jumping in as the first commentator and then moving the thoughts on the article back over to her own blog to continue, currently 62 comments strong.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I'm so excited about these books! Can't wait to finally get to read them. Too bad Bitterblue is the last in the series...