Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Link Salad

Well another week, and another round of book news round up!  Grab a drink and lets get linking.
-Back at the BEA, I met Tahereh Mafi, the author of Shatter Me, and I have to say the thing that stuck with me the most from the chat she gave us was "steamy shower scene".  I know, there's no hope for me is there?  Anywho, it's releasing in november, but if you head over to facebook and "Like" it you can read the first chapter!  It likely won't be the steamy shower scene, but you have to have something to look forward to when you buy the book, right?!

-One of the big moments for me at the BEA was meeting Eoin Colfer, the author of Artemis Fowl.  I got ridiculously tongue tied though, so thank god for the hubby who managed to make look like a lot less of an idiot with his conversational save.  His adult book, Plugged, was a lot of fun (it released in September, my review is coming up in november).  Check out the Varsity interview where he talks about Artemis and Plugged:

-One of my all time fav novels is Good Omens, which was sent to me by a good friend for my birthday one summer.  Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett have come together again, sadly not for a book, as Neil interviewed Terry about latest novel.

-Sugarscape has a great little film interview with Laini Taylor where she talks about a lot of the things she mentioned at the BEA as far as inspirations for Daughter of Smoke and Bone goes.

-In strange but very cool news, there is a new way for people to print their own copies of backlist books, in-store that was revealed at the Frankfurt book fair this year.  How great would it be to print off your own fresh book??!

-Because I'm a crazy cat lady (was there any doubt?) Quirk Press's new book Crafting with cat hair is both totally amusing to me, but also looks like too much fun not to pick up.

-Cherie Priest has announced another book in the Clockwork Century series! Tentatively called Fiddlehead it sounds like awesome good fun as per usual.

But wait! I have more!
-Cassandra Clare has put up a snippet of lost scene from Clockwork Angel on her Tumblr account.
-Plus did you know it was one of the members of the Decemberists who wrote Wildwood?  Or that his sister wrote the recently released Apothecary?  The NY times had an interesting article about it all recently.

Happy Linking!

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