Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday link salad

Hello Tweeters, bloggers, readthoners and more! Happy Saturday too you.  May it be filled with yummy things like spicy hot chocolate and coffee cake, and of course oodles of news!

-This incredibly amusing Mad Lib YA diss article, by the Rejectionist was tweeted by Maureen Johnson earlier this week.  I think it pretty much covers the gambit, maybe it'll help quell all the naysayers for a bit? Nah, I didn't think so either.

-The Debutant Ball put up a great little article about the Myths and Realities of Publishing and being a Published Author.

-In the same vein, the YA Highway posted the True Confessions of a Multi-Published Author.

-Laini Taylor did a small photo blog for Bookish showing her average work day.  Right about now I wish I could reach through my monitor and steal her coffee.

-Across the Universe has a facebook page, and in a bout 600 more "Like"'s they're going to post a preview of the second book.  So head over and Like it already!

-Speaking of Facebook, it's ShatterDay over on the Shatter Me Facebook page.  You have 24hrs to read the first 24 chapters (quick question, how many chapters are there??!).  Get over there and get started!  Seriously, the only thing I ever remember about it from the BEA pitch was "steamy shower scene!", so keep your fingers crossed it's in the first 24 chapters!

-There's another City of Lost Souls teaser up on Cassie's Tumblr account, apparently the first October one got lots of complaints so she decided to add a bit more.

-EW has an exclusive audio clip for those of you dying for Stephen Kings latest to arrive next month.  11/22/63, is apparently so long that audio clip is over thirty minutes long and considered a "snippet"! hahahahahha

-In case you missed it, this morning was the start of the Dewey 24hr Readathon.  I have to work tomorrow so couldn't take part, but I'm cheering from the sidelines.  Head on over to Dewey's site and follow the fun.  While you're there you can start planning to join in for the spring Readathon in June!

-Rin Tin Tin, popped through my mailbox recently, and while I wait to dig in, I was excited to see Indigo has a lengthy interview with author Susan Orlean.  Now I really can't wait to read this!

-For all of you in the Toronto vicinity, don't forget the IFOA is officially now on!  Loads of amazing authors and talks, I'll be heading out Tuesday night for a talk with Lev Grossman and Erin Morgenstern moderated by Lesley Livingston, so hopefully I'll see you there!  Make sure to check out the schedule for all the events. 

-Alright, I know I've given you tonnes to leaf through, but I'd be horribly remiss if I skipped past the Brouhaha that was the National Book Award Finalist debacle with Lauren Myracle.  MUCH has been said (most of it not nice) and sadly Lauren got royally screwed in a very public way.  If you missed out or just wanted to flesh out what you know about it then check the following links out:
   *first out was the PW article about the Shine/Chime debacle
   *NYT article about the same
   *Libba Brays no nonsense reaction to the same
   *Then the interviews started to roll in, Flavorwire was first, then Vanity Fair got into the story too.
   *hash tag #ISupportShine when ballistic on Twitter
But most of all a great author got a lot of publicity that, although stemming from a rotten thing, was well deserved.  So make sure to support Shine by buying or borrowing a copy soon.

Now go forth and Saturday-on!

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