Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Link Salad

Is that Saturday air I smell?  It's full of news so it must be!

-First up, Myra McEntire has all sorts of news. Hourglass was optioned by 20th Century Fox this week, it doesn't guarantee it'll make it into movie format, but it's a big step towards it.  Also the cover for book the second, timepiece was leaked prematurely.  I'm not sure I like it quite as much as Hourglass but I love how they've kept the look.

-Speaking of movie news, The Scorpio Races has barely hit the shelves and it's been nabbed already by Warner Brothers.

-In less exciting news, Amazon's takeover of The Book Depository went through this week.  Sad news for book buyers and sellers as nobody likes to see the competition taken out of the book game.

-For those of you who have been dyeing to get there hands on the final part of the Strain trilogy (the Night Eternal, I've got an interview with Guilermo Del Toro for you with a little trailer for book the third.

-Cassie Clare has posted a steampunk short story.  Wherever does she find all the time for her books, teasers, short stories, twitter and touring??!

-In book related news, Poe's Cottage in the Bronx is nearing completion of it's reno's.  It looks spectacular from the photo's but is apparently still hurting for funding.  An amazing piece of history, I hope it comes into some funding soon, I'd love to visit on my next NYC trip.

-With Abarat finally in book stores, Shelf Awareness has done a small fav's list with Author Clive Barker.  Book that changed your life: The Bible.  Really Clive? Interesting.

-The Illustrator for Lisel and Po, Kei Acederahas posted a fun blog post on illustrating said book.  She shows some of the preliminary sketches which I rave about in my review of the story next week.

-Finally, in the spirit of the season, I bring you amazing literature inspired Jack O'Lanterns!

Now go forth and Saturday on!


  1. It is Saturday, and a fine one at that. You are in the spirit of the season. I like the cats on facebook! Mine aren't quite that photogenic, however, I will see if I can post a photo for you!
    Your Vancouver viewer!

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