Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And Jury Duty continues...

So I promised a post by like, last friday.  And well, it's tuesday, so obviously that didn't happen.  HOWEVER!! I do have a multitude of extenuating circumstances.  I swear.

On Friday I got caught up in an epic house clean for the imminent arrival of my mother in law.  Epic because the hubby got distracted and started cleaning windows.  Thus we were still cleaning at 8pm. Ugh.

Then at 7am we were up and off to the airport, because that new car, it has some drawbacks. IE- trips to pick folks up from the airport is definitely one of them!  Especially once you factor in the cost of parking and the getting lost coming home because I've never left from the parkade before.  Anywho, a day of entertaining and shopping ensued, ending in the wee hours of 11:00pm at which point I was exhausted.

Work on Sunday should have been a respite, except for the fact things had gotten wildly out of control on my days off and there was a MOUNTAIN of backlogged work to flog through, in the suspiciously overheated office.  So I sweated through my shirt and daydreamed about taking off my shoes and socks while I tried to not pass out from heat stroke and make it through the 104 emails, and other fun goodies left for me.

Monday was my first ever summons for Jury Duty.  I am not a morning person, yet I had to be up at 6:30 am to get there in time.  So day three of getting up no later than 7am, but not really getting enough sleep either and I was ready to die.  The good news was there was only one judge sitting.  The bad news is he wanted us all (all told probably 200 people) because he needed a jury for an attempted murder trial.  I was potential juror 52, PJ 51 was picked as juror 12, so that was closer than I would have liked but I escaped day one.

Turns out murder was in the air in Toronto in 2009.  Today, only one judge was sitting, but again, she wanted us all since she was trying a second degree murder case.  I was close again, but this time there were about 9 people between me and the last person chosen. Thank god.

It remains to be seen if my luck will hold tomorrow.  Wednesday, the day I had taken off work, sigh.  

While I wile away my time performing my civic duty of sitting around hoping not to be called, I have been reading.  Oodles actually, so much in fact I have wished (just a little tiny bit), that I had an ereader.  But since the court house is the land of the dark ages, there is no wireless, and thus the posts will have to wait, BECAUSE- I am still entertaining my mother in law!!  Yup, terrible timing all around.

Suffice it to say, dear (and hopefully loyal) reader, you are not the only one getting shafted by your lack of my presence.  But I promise to reward you loyalty as soon as possible, I have read Shattered, finished Inheritance and started forthcoming Fracture (so amazing I was teary eyed at page 11!).  So I have lots to say, as soon as I have the time to type it!

Now go forth, enjoy your evening and tomorrow, wherever you are, think of me and cross your fingers I don't get picked for a jury.


  1. I too got a summons for jury duty but I won't know my fate until the 14th.
    This is my second time going and the first time I got picked but at the last second the guy took a plea deal. Unfortunately for me while waiting I forgot to take a book to read. So I stay there for hours with nothing to do. This time I'll know better

  2. oh cringe!! Second time, ugh. There's a lady in my group who's been called THREE TIMES now. Honestly, the hundreds of people who never ever get called and then the handful of repeats makes this whole "random selection" claim sound bogus.

    Cross your fingers for me and I'll make sure to return the favour when it's your turn!!
    ps- buy an ereader

  3. Eecks good luck and happy reading!