Friday, November 18, 2011

My Maru Obsession- Feline Fridays

I am saddened to say, I came late to the Maru fan club. I'm not sure how I've been missing him all this time, but thank god I stumbled on his book at chapters! 

Since 2008 Maru's owner, Mugumogu has been chronicling his antics on her blog i am Maru, and his Youtube channel.  Often times it's boxes he's wearing, sitting in, or carrying around their apartment in Japan, but other times it's just funny faces and moments over the course of the day that his owner has captured.

Frequently the roughly translated narrative to the pictures is just as funny as the pictures themselves.

Maru is a four year old Scottish fold (with perky ears), and has apparently been on the pudgy side since his Mugumogu got him when he was four months old.  He has a twitter handle @Maru_0524, and a facebook page, and has been on a variety of talk shows including the Ellen Degeneres show.  Simply put he may be a bigger celebrity than Lindsay Lohan.

Besides the endless array of fun photos, I also love that Maru's owner promotes loving and healthy cat ownership.  Maru goes outside, but with a harness and leash, and without a doubt he's one well loved little beastie.

One things for sure, I spend most of my day waiting for my Maru fix.  Now if only I could get such great shots of my cats!

Happy Friday!


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